Guidelines for Degree Recipients

The 10th Convocation of Lovely Professional University will be held, for the class of 2018 and 2019 scheduled for Wednesday 18th of September 2019. The Venue for the Convocation is Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis. Degree recipients must register at Convocation website on or before 16th September 2019. Click Here For Registration
  • All degree recipients are required to pay Rs.500 (non-refundable) towards Convocation fee (including robes). For making this payment, the degree recipient can use Credit Card, Debit Card, or Net Banking.
  • On completion of online registration process, a receipt will be generated immediately for the degree recipient confirming his/her payment.
  • The degree recipient and the guest must carry their Convocation Hall Ticket and Guest Ticket respectively while coming to the university for the Convocation, as these tickets will be verified at the main entrance of the Venue. The degree recipient or the guest will not be allowed to enter the Venue without the Convocation Hall Ticket or Guest Ticket respectively.
  • Carrying hard copy of Convocation Hall ticket is mandatory and no electronic soft copy will be considered.
  • Strict adherence to all timings specified on the Convocation Hall Ticket are expected. No laxity will be allowed with regard to the timings. The degree recipient and the guest accompanying (if any) will not be allowed to enter the Unipolis after lapse of entry time as specified on the Convocation Hall Ticket.
  • For collecting robes, the recipient will have to produce the Convocation Hall Ticket at the allocated Room (specified on the Convocation Hall Ticket).
  • The degree recipients are allowed to carry robes with them after completion of Convocation ceremony.
  • Pedestrian
    Pedestrian entry will be through Gate 1B. No vehicles will be allowed from Gate 1A or Gate 1B (Gates on National Highway).
  • Vehicular Entry
    Entry for visitors travelling in their own vehicle will be through Gate No. 2 (Law Gate).
    The visitors will have to park their vehicles in the parking space available outside Gate No. 2 (Law Gate), and walk through the Law Gate to the Convocation venue
  • The accommodation request is taken for estimating and planning necessary arrangement only; actual hostel allotment (subject to availability of seats) for accommodation will be done by Hostel allotment counter on reporting physically at the university.
  • However to get the hostel room allotted, registration on website is mandatory i.e. if a student has not submitted request online through online link then they may not be allotted the hostel room.
  • The hostel rooms shall be allocated to you on reaching the Hostel Counter Venue Block 31 (Admission block), Reception at level 1 on 17th Sept 2019 (9 am -8 pm) and on 18th Sept 2019 (8 am-2 pm)
  • Accomodation facility shall be available in the University at nominal charges.
  • Degree recipients must be dressed in formals for Convocation ceremony. Jeans, T-Shirts, Sports shoes etc. will not be allowed.
  • The degree recipients are allowed to carry robes with them after completion of Convocation ceremony..
  • Robes (Cap, Gown and Hood) must be worn during the entire Convocation ceremony.
  • In case the Degree recipient wears turban, then wearing cap is not necessary. However, the colour of the turban should be Black only.
  • Degree Recipients must maintain proper decorum during Convocation ceremony.
  • For each row/ sector in the Convocation venue, one or more staff / faculty members will be assigned as Discipline Mentors and they may be contacted for any help.
  • Discipline Mentors of Row/Sector will be sitting with students only in the allotted row/sector and their instructions should be followed in full spirit.
  • No bags/ baggage, water bottles, camera and mobile phones are allowed inside Convocation venue for security reasons.
  • In case any Degree Recipient is found indulging in any act of indiscipline, the Discipline Coordinator may take appropriate action and the Recipient may not be able to receive the degree on that day.
  • Medical counter will be near the Convocation venue and Discipline Coordinator of the row(s) may be contacted for any help.
  • Enter the convocation venue from the Gate as specified on your Hall Ticket.
  • You should be seated according to the Block No. and seat no. as specified by the University.
Note: The details of Robe Collection rooms will be given on the Convocation Hall Ticket.