About the Chief Guest

Ashwin Adhin

Hon’ble Vice President of Suriname

Mr. Michael Ashwin Satyandre Adhin is a Surinamese educator, politician, and the Vice President of Suriname since 2015. At the age of 36, he became the youngest Vice President in the history of Suriname to lead the Council of Ministers. Having an educational background of Electrical Engineering (Information Technology), he served as an educator at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname before embarking on a political career.

In July 2013 Mr. Adhin became Minister of Education in the cabinet of President Dési Bouterse. After the 2015 Surinamese general election, in which he was elected to the National Assembly for the electoral district of Paramaribo, he was inaugurated as Vice President on 12 August 2015.

Exhibiting exceptional leadership qualities, he has been active within social cultural organizations for the past 13 years and continues to place emphasis on the importance of the role of culture for development, consciousness creation, appreciation of one’s heritage, and for stimulating the achievement of common goals through active and collective participation of individuals.

In a meeting with the Prime Minister of India, in 2017, he discussed strengthening the economic and technological bilateral cooperation between both states. Mr. Adhin’s plans are to set up a chair on Ayurveda at the University of Suriname and National Institute for Natural and Holistic Therapies in collaboration with India. This vision of Mr. Adhin supports efforts to make healthcare the most important priority. As a young accomplished individual of Indian origin, he has proved to be dynamic political figure and influencer.