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How to reach us ?

"Lovely Professional University is easily accessible as it is located on the Jalandhar-Delhi G.T. Road, (Punjab) and is well connected by rail and road; having a reasonable distance from the airports, bus stands, railway stations etc."

Guidelines for reaching Lovely Professional University, Punjab

If you are coming to LPU from beyond Delhi by air, the landing destinations nearest to LPU priority wise are at Adampur, Amritsar, Delhi, and Chandigarh respectively.

  • Take a train from your destination to get down at a railway station nearest to LPU. Priority wise the order of railway stations is Phagwara, Jalandhar Cantonent, or Jalandhar City respectively.
  • Take a connecting flight to Amritsar.

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Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar - Delhi G.T. Road, Phagwara, Punjab (India) - 144411
Tel: +91-1824-405540
Email ID: [email protected]