“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” (Confucius)


'Disha' is a Sanskrit word that means “Direction”. As the name suggests, "Disha", a social initiative of LPU, acts as a platform for the development and growth of all the stakeholders of education including teachers, students, administrators, staff etc. of various schools, colleges, NGOs and other educational institutes from all parts of the country. Disha, a collaboration of some of the most learned counsellors and experts aims to support and guide the students, teachers as well as the schools (as an organisation) through their experience about the ever changing system of the education sector and helps them to adapt and grow as per the requirements of this academically developing world. From clearing the dilemma of students by showing them the path to achieve their set career goals to upgrading of their mentors, teachers, parents etc., we are working for the empowerment of each and every person who is a part of the education sector. Further, the increasing competition in every pace of life is affecting each individual. This calls for a need of guidance to help an individual to make the most signicant decisions of one's career and life. Therefore, in this era of unbeatable velocities to achieve plethora of big dreams, “the theory of destiny and Miracles” will be an old tale and the winning trophy will come through the amalgamation of practicalities, hard work and smart work.

Students Counselled
Teachers Trained
Counselling Sessions & Workshops Conducted
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Women Teacher’s Trained
Counselling of Girls Students
+ Crores
Scholarship Awarded to Girl Students

Event's Recap

Since its inception in year 2012, “Disha” is illuminating the path to success, for all those who are associated with it. The basic aim and onus of Disha is the enlightenment and empowerment of all the concerned of education sector. Pertaining to the same, a number of activities have been successfully organised :

  • The mega events like Third Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan (BVS), 4 editions of annual mega events Explorica received a tremendous response with a collective footfall of more than 2 lakh school students, connecting 500 plus eminent schools of the region.
  • These events witnessed the presence of eminent academicians and stakeholders of education.
  • Participation of more than 70,000 school students from various renowned schools in career counselling sessions incorporated with psychometric test.
  • Participation of 5000+ teachers and principals of renowned schools attended the workshops and seminars on topics of education relevance.
  • The annual event like “Knowledge Brainstorm” (KBS), conducted under Transforming Education Awards for school students has also proved to be the most preferred aptitude test for the young minds. KBS has been designed to examine the general skills, critical thinking, analytical skills, and intellectual promise of school students.
  • To acknowledge the dedicated efforts of teachers and their schools, Lovely Professional University has launched, "Transforming Education Awards" where the students can give credit to their teachers and bring them into limelight.