We help you move up the ladder

1 Student + 1 Mentor = 2 Lives CHANGED FOREVER!


Unveiling your True Potential

Mentors guide students in successful completion of educational and career goals. Keeping this in mind, faculty mentors are allocated throughout the academic session.


Career counselling


Dedicated team of career planning and career progression counsellors help you discover your best career fit. We help you make a wise choice today for your future.

Induction Mentoring

Breaking the ice!

LPU ‘Freshmen Induction’ has informative and interactive sessions on systems and opportunities for LPU students. Students are placed under ‘ Section Mentor’ and Head, who address their queries.

Academic Advising

Helping you find your way!

Academic Counsellors support our students' in mapping their interest, talent and ability in making critical curricular choices such as specialization and free electives, and minors.

Psychological counseling

Feeling a little down? Bottled up inside? Need to talk?

When you feel alone or miss home, face peer pressure, or low self esteem and need someone to just LISTEN.. not judge, our counsellors help you rediscover your lost strength, confidence and happiness .

So, Let’s Talk!

Placement Mentoring

Helping to unlock your potential!

Placement Mentors at LPU push students to achieve better! They assist them in developing specific skills that will help them crack an entrance test or interview or get their DREAM job!