“Everything you need for better future
and success has already been written. And guess what?
All you have to do is go to the library”

- Henri Frederic Amie

New Arrivals


  • Purchase of New books

    Central Library has recently procured 547 books (Aug. 2019) for students and faculty members.

  • Purchase of Special Books

    Central Library has acquired 537 books for law students. These books are part of special collection of library. Some of these books are highly acknowledged by law professionals.

  • Acquisition of rare books

    Central library has recently acquired more than 3000 rare books and special reports. The collection includes rare manuscripts written in Sanskrit, Apbhransh and Pali languages. Reports on Archaeological Survey of India and copy of constitution of India are also part of this collection.

  • Rare Punjabi literature

    Central Library has procured some immensely popular Punjabi literature books. Literary works include stories, novels and poems of eminent writers.

  • Reference Books

    Central Library has added new Atlases in its collection. Atlases are most important reference tool for students of Geography and related disciplines.

  • Study carrels

    Central Library has added study carrels in its infrastructure for personalized studies purpose. The carrels are located at 5th level of Central Library. These carrels are partitioned by glass fitting and charging point is also provided for the laptops.

  • Discussion Rooms

    Central Library has introduced Discussion Rooms at 4th level. Students need to study in groups can use these discussions rooms.

  • IEEE Online Journals

    Central Library renewd subscription IEEE online journals for students and faculty members. The collection includes e-journals on Computer Science, Electronics and communication and Electrical engineering. Students interested in using these journals can visit ‘Library Search’ in UMS and find ‘My Links’ tab. Under ‘My Links’ option the links of all other online resources including IEEE are given.

About LPU Library System

LPU offers a huge Library System with 11 branches. The biggest one is the Central Library located in Block-37
  • LPU academic community is well catered by all departmental libraries.
  • There are more than 24+ lakh books and e-books on all subject fields.
  • Library system subscribes number of journals, magazines and newspapers.
  • Library system also offers ICT based resources to its users, such as e-books, e-journals, databases. The E-resources subscribed by University Library are IEEE, Springer, EBSCO, Capitaline, SCC Online, JGate plus, DELNET, JSTOR, EPWRF, Ebooks academic collection, World e-Book Library, Shodhganga, Shodhgangotri, INFLIBNET, NDL etc.
  • Central Library of the university also manages an Institutional Repository for theses and dissertations.
  • A good number of theses/dissertations and research reports are available in libraries.
  • Besides books, library system also possesses rare book collection, special reports, reference sources, audio-visual material etc.
  • Library system uses LIBSYS ILMS for handling day to day routine tasks of the all the libraries. It makes use of RFID and Barcode system for inventory and security of library materials.


The University's Library system offers a variety of library services
Circulation of Books

Circulation of Books

(Timings 8:00 am to 9:00 pm)

All libraries in the university provide this service with varied loan privileges. Students and staff can make use of any library to avail this service.

Online Catalogue (OPAC)

Online Catalogue (OPAC)

(Timings 24 X 7 X 365)

The Online Catalogue of all the libraries is available for 24X7 throughout year. Users may search and check the availability of a particular book, journal, audio-visual material, theses, dissertation etc. anywhere and anytime.

Digital Library Service

Digital Library Service

The Digital Section in every library is having good number of Computer Systems, which provides access to variety of E-Resources, such as E-books, E-journals, Conference Proceedings, Reports, Statistical Analysis, Court Cases, Company profiles, E-newspapers, E-magazines and whole lot of material for fulfilling the academic requirements of the library users.

Newspaper Clipping Service

Newspaper Clipping Service

The Newspaper Clipping Service is also provided by all the libraries of LPU. The newspaper clipping service arranges the clippings of Academic activities, News, Notices, Advertisement, write ups etc.

Documentation Service

Documentation Service

(Timings 9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

The Documentation Section provides services such as photocopy, scanning, type setting, designing and printing. Library users are provided with some discount on the given services.

Access to E-resources and Databases

Access to E-resources and Databases

Online Access is provided to users for variety of E-resources. Users can access E-resources within and outside the campus as well. The remote access to resources is given to users via Mapmyaccess. Users may straightway open the particular subscribed E-resources or they may use UMS (Campus ERP) for accessing E-resources. The usage data of E-resources is generated periodically and analysed further for to subscribe relevant contents for the users.

Journal Content Service

Journal Content Service

In this service the contents of recently received journals are routed to the concerned department's faculty members, so as they may visit the library for reading relevant literature.

Reference Service

Reference Service

The University Library System provides Reference Service to it's users. The reference service is provided offline and online format. Any registered user may approach to Reference Librarian for particular query about resources, services or any other particular query related to his/her academic requirement. The reference librarian keep records of all reference queries for analysis and adding more number of reference sources in the library.

CD/DVD Content Service

CD/DVD Content Service

On the pattern of Journal Content Service, this service arranges the contents of recently received CDs/DVDs and route the same to the faculty members and students, so as users may make use of CDs/DVDs received by the libraries.

User Awareness Programs

User Awareness Programs

The Central Library of the university organizes User Awareness Program in the beginning of academic session, so as every new user of library may know about various resources and services of library and also methods to access or utilize the same.

Inter Library Loan (ILL)

Inter Library Loan (ILL)

LPU Library system offers Inter-Library Loan (ILL) facility to its users. ILL request can be registered online for books and articles which are not available with the LPU libraries. The service of ILL is being subscribed through Developing Library Network (DELNET), New Delhi. The request for books and articles can be submitted through E-mail ([email protected]) mentioning details of the document i.e. Author/Title/Publisher/Year/Edition etc.


The University's Library system offers a variety of library Resources
LPU Library System provides access to more than 20+ Lakh books and e-books covering all fileds of knowledge, e.g. Engineering, Pharmacy, Architecture, Hotel Management, Law, Agriculture, Chemical Scieinces, Education, Social Sciences, Physiotherapy etc. University provides generous grant for addition of new book to supplement existing collection.
The Periodical section of all the libraries subscribe good number of journals/magazines and newspapers. Currently, over 30000 (Print / Electronic Journals), more than 2000 Newspapers (Print / Electronic) and over 800 magazines (Print / Electronic) are being subscribed by the university library. 
Theses and Dissertations
Theses and dissertations collection is available in Central Library. There is separate section for these resources and students refer them as and when required. Library also manages online repository of theses, dissertations and other university publications, which is accessible through UMS or Digital Repository link.
Audio-Visual Material
Libraries also manage the collection of audio-visual material, such as CDs, DVDs, pen drives and other external data device which contain vital information about specific subject fields.​ ​
Rare Books and Special Reports
The Central Library of the university manages the Rare Book Section where one can find manuscripts, monographs, government reports, Archaeological survey reports, literature in various other languages, conference proceedings and old reference books. Some of the rarest titles in the collection are;
  1. Jainendra Vyakaran/ by Dutpabhayanand. (1758)
  2. Vachcharaj Hansraj Charit/ by Rashachdas. (1755)
  3. Jainendra Vyakaran Mahavratto/ by Bhayanandi. (1833)
  4. Chaturdishati Teerthankar Pooja/ by Harivansh Mishra. (1861)
  5. Madacharya: Shri Sakal Kirti/ by Pannalal Choudhary. (1874)
  6. Corpus incriptionum indicarum: inscriptions of early Gupta’s kings and their successors/ by Fleet, Johan Faithfull. (1888)
  7. Corpus incriptionum indicarum: Kharoshthi inscriptions with the exception of those of Asoka Part-I/ by Konow, Sten. (1891)
  8. Indian empire: Its people history and products/ by Hunter, William Wilson. (1893)
  9. Extract from the revised list of objects of archaeological interest in the Punjab/ by Government Central Branch Press. (1907)
  10. Imperial gazetteers of India: Indian empire administrative/ by Clrerendon Press, Oxford. (1909)
Reference Book
The University Library System possesses good number of Reference books for it's users, such as dictionaries, yearbooks, directories, encyclopedias etc. These resources are regularly used by users.
E-resources and Databases
University's Library System provides online access of variety of E-resources to its users. Users can access E-resources within and outside the campus as well. The remote access to resources is given to users via Mapmyaccess. Some of prominet e-resources are; IEEE, Springer, EBSCO, JGATE, SCC Online etc.
Newspaper Clipping
The Newspaper Clippings are managed by periodical section of the libraries. The newspaper clipping service arranges the clippings of Academic activities, News, Notices, Advertisement, write ups etc. ​
Back volume of journals
The Central Library possesses the back volumes of the subscribed journals, used by research scholars for research purposes.


The University's Library system provides variety of E-Resources & Databases to the users to supplement their teaching, learning and research activities.

These E-Resources can be accessed inside and outside the campus. For using them inside, users just need to click on the link of desired E-Resource available at library portal.

For providing remote access (outside campus) to the E-Resources, Library system uses Mapmyaccess middleware solution. The middleware allows library users to have remote online access of various subscribed e-contents with single sign-on the existing library credentials i.e. username and password.

Open Access

Free E-Resources
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Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

The University's Library system provides OPAC to search Books and other reading material available in 11 libraries.

OPAC provides basic and advance search options to the users. It tells about status of availability of the document in all 11 libraries. Besides, it also shows some external links for further search on desired document.

The University's Library system provides state of the art infrastructure for comfortable learning environment

Library's beautiful and user-friendly infrastructure includes big spacious halls, multimedia lab, digital sections, discussion rooms, circulation counters, air-conditioned well ventilated premises, neat and clean toiletries, fresh filtered water, lifts and staircases and well maintained library sections. Special attention is given on the upkeep of the library building by regular inspections and continuous up-gradation of the infrastructure.

20 Lakhs+

In an endeavour to cater to the requirement of all seekers of knowledge, Lovely Professional University has been relentlessly working towards the creation of an all pervasive learning environment, wherein it facilitates the optimal reach of its resources. LPU is actively broadening access to its library services, allowing everyone to freely explore and download digital course materials across various disciplines. Additionally, the students and proffesionals have also been extended the privilege to freely use LPU libraries.

20 Lakhs+


10,000+ Sq.mt.

Total area of libraries



Digital Repository

The University's Library system manages a digital repository made in Dspace Software. The Repository provides access to LPU academic research output such as Theses, Dissertations and Assignments.