English Language Requirement

All International Applicants are required to satisfy one of the following English Requirements irrespective of the Programme in which they are seeking admissions i.e. if an applicant is seeking admission in a programme where English is not prescribed as compulsory course in the Eligibility condition, even then he/she has to satisfy one of the following English Language Requirement.

  • Applicant must have passed English course in 10th or higher examination.  OR
  • Applicants has done his/her education (eligibility qualification or higher) in some university/school where English has been the instruction of language. In such cases, applicant has to provide a proof of the same from the University/School or have to provide a document that is available on the official website of the University/school. OR
  • In case applicants who do not fall in any of the above category then he/she will have to provide one of the following proof of English Language Proficiency
    • IELTS BAND of 5.5
    • TOEFL (ICBT) score of 70 or equivalent in any of the TOEFL format
      All the international students should be proficient in English Language. It is recommended that only applicants who have strong reading, writing, speaking and understanding of English Language should apply. University will not be responsible for any problem faced by student in class because of poor English Language proficiency of the student. No relaxation in the exam or any other component of evaluation of the university will be provided in such cases. In case the University apprise that the student is not proficient in English, the student might be asked to join English Language Program concurrently with the regular program. The University can also change his enrolled program and put him in any other program deemed appropriate for him by the University.
  • If the degree/transcript or certificate of a candidate does not clearly specify the grade or percentage obtained by student in the qualifying exam then to find equivalent percentage from a given transcript/DMC, the method as prescribed in Prospectus Part – C under the head “General Admissions Guidelines” shall be used.