About Migration

Lovely Professional University offers migration/ transfer opportunity to the students in various programmes. Every year many migration/ transfer students amalgamate in our learning environment from across the country. Our liberal and easy migration process enables students to pursue the quality education at LPU. With experienced professional mentors and advanced facilities, the student gains the right skill set to attract a lot of placement opportunities at LPU. At LPU we encourage students to develop Intellectual curiosity and critical thinking approach.

Migration Steps

1. Eligibility Requirements

Applicants need to fulfil the following basic eligibility requirements in order to apply for Migration/ Transfer process. The application of the applicant who meets the eligibility requirements will be reviewed and verified by the University Officials for further process.

  • Applicants, who are pursuing regular degree programme from the accredited institution, are eligible to apply for the migration/ transfer.
  • The Programme you are interested to apply at LPU should be similar to the programme you are currently enrolled in.
  • The applicant needs to satisfy the minimum percentage required in eligibility requirements of current year in which student is seeking migration/ transfer.
  • Students who are seeking migration/ transfer are requested to apply as per following timeline:
    • For Even term, student needs to submit their request up to the month of November.
    • For Odd term, student needs to submit their request before the last date of admission.

    This helps to ensure that the transfer students will be able to join the classes in the upcoming term of the select programme with existing batch after verification of the documents.

  • The above mentioned schedule is tentative; any of the date(s) and other details as mentioned above is subject to change at the discretion of the University.
  • If migrating applicant has Backlog/ Compartment/ Reappear in any subject may not be considered by the University for Admission.
  • Applicants who are previously enrolled in a regular Programme, may not be considered for admission to Dual Degree/ Integrated/ Honours/ International Exposure/ Credit Transfer Programmes.
  • Application for admission will only be accepted if applicant shall spend two or more years in LPU.
  • Migration/ Transfer Request in Programme is subject to the availability of the seats in that Programme.

Note: Meeting the minimum eligibility requirements does not assure admission.

2. Migration Documents

If the applicant wishes to pursue their education from Lovely Professional University, he/ she needs to produce and submit all the documents as prescribed for admission to the programme in which migration/ transfer is sought.

  • Official transcript(s) from every University/ College/ Institution/ School needs to be submitted.
  • The detailed Syllabi of all the courses/ subjects studied till date of the current programme needs to be submitted. This will help in the curriculum equivalence and mapping. The academic contents of the Programme in respect of the syllabus of previous years should not be materially different. The similarity/ equivalence of the syllabus will be decided by the Equivalence Committee constituted by this University. The Equivalence Committee may reject migration/ transfer request or recommend the migration/ transfer request with or without conditions as deemed fit.
  • Applicant may also be required to present some other required documents from their current/ previous University/ College/ Institution/ School. Certificate may be submitted later on also, after the migration/ transfer has been approved by the equivalence committee.
    • Certificate of 10th.
    • Qualifying Examination Certificate for the applied Programme (10+2/ Graduation as the case may be).
    • Certificates of result of examination and DMC of academic years completed in the current Program.
    • The migration certificate from the head of present Institute / the University from which he is migrating. Migration Certificate may be submitted later on also after the migration has been approved by the equivalence committee.
    • Character Certificate from the Head of the present Institution from which he is migrating to the fact that no disciplinary action has been taken or pending against the student.

3. Migration Process

  • Applicant needs to send the Migration/Transfer request on [email protected].
  • Applicant needs to pay the processing fee of Rs. 2,000/- during registration. The processing fee is non-refundable in all the cases, even if the migration/ transfer request of the student is not allowed by the University or the student changes his mind after applying for the same.
  • Applicant needs to submit the documents mentioned under the head “Migration/ Transfer Documents”.
  • The dealing official will be allotted to the particular applicant who will verify the details entered by applicant in various forms and verify the certificates from originals.
  • The application form and all relevant documents will be forwarded to Division of Academic Affairs for equivalence and mapping of curriculum. Equivalence and approval process may take 6 to 10 working days. At the time of equivalence processing (mapping of curricula), may be given waivers in some courses/ subjects and/or accumulate backlog courses/ subjects which he would be required to register in and pass for meeting the minimum requirements for the award of degree / diploma.
  • After the grant of approval from the competent authority of the University, applicant will be required to deposit the following prescribed fees:
    • Migration/ Transfer fee of Rs. 3,000/-
    • The fee of current academic term.

    Note: In case the Equivalence Committee approves the migration/ transfer request with condition of passing one or more backlog courses/ subjects, the prescribed fees for that purpose shall also be paid by student in addition to the fees as mentioned above. However, in case certain courses are waived off, no relaxation in fee for such waived off courses will be applicable.

  • Scholarship is not applicable for migrating students.
  • Migration/ Transfer cannot be claimed as a matter of right and may be refused by the University without assigning any reason.
  • Condition of 'Promotion to Next year' and such other conditions, rules etc. as prescribed by the University will be applicable to the migrated student.
  • No relaxation in examination rules of this University shall be permitted to migrated students.
  • Conditions, if any, imposed by any regulatory body for migration/ transfer purpose, shall also be applicable.

For further clarification, you may Email us at [email protected]