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Terms & Conditions for “LPU Scholarship”

  • Grant of Scholarship is subject to prevalence of scheme at the time of receipt of application and is further subject to verification and authentication of the information, certificates and other documents as required by the University.
  • Percentage in the Qualifying examination represents percentage of aggregate marks. In case of Programmes after 10th and 12th, calculation of aggregate marks will be done considering best five subjects (with highest marks) in the qualifying examination. However in case the concerned board declares student pass with less than five subjects in 10th/12th, calculation of aggregate marks will be done considering the number of subjects (with highest marks) specified by the respective Board only. Important: In all situations, the marks obtained in subject(s) prescribed under the respective eligibility criteria of LPU for the concerned Programme will be taken into account for calculation of aggregate marks. Thus in such conditions, eligibility criteria of Lovely Professional University will prevail over concerned board or equivalent body. This clause is applicable for calculating eligibility as well as scholarship. If candidate is not able to satisfy the eligibility criteria as mentioned above, then marks of all the subjects mentioned in DMC/ Score Card of qualifying exam may be considered for calculating aggregate marks for eligibility only but not for offering scholarship. For details, refer the head ‘Eligibility’ under ‘General Guidelines for Admissions etc.’
  • In case of Lateral Entry programmes where Scholarship is available on the basis of Eligibility Qualification or on the basis of Qualification previous to eligibility qualification, the following shall be taken into consideration:
    • In case the applicant has completed an integrated programme and the concerned university has specified same percentage of marks/ grades for the lower as well as higher degree/ diploma, then the marks of one step previous qualification may be considered for awarding Scholarship.
    • If in certain programmes same year/ semester is considered for awarding two different degrees/ diplomas, then only one (higher degree) will be considered for awarding scholarship.
  • Scholarship will be offered at the time of Admission only. It may be offered on different basis like Scholarship on the basis of Sports, on the basis of cultural performance or on the basis of marks in qualifying exam etc. Applicant can claim the Scholarship on any one basis and the claim must be made at the time of filing Application for Admissions or before the date prescribed by the University subject to the last date of Admission with Scholarship for the concerned Programme. In case applicant has opted Scholarship of one type (i.e. on one basis) or has not opted for it, then any change in the Scholarship so claimed will not be allowed at later stage.
  • Scholarship will be awarded to the candidate only after the verification of original documents. In case candidate is not able to provide the documents within the stipulated time as prescribed by the university, subject to maximum of 6 months from the last date of admission, then scholarship will not be awarded or may be cancelled, if already awarded.
  • In case, an applicant is eligible for Scholarship as well as for any other monetary benefit under any other scheme or policy of LPU, then the applicant will have to opt for only one scheme of his/her choice.
  • In addition to LPU Scholarship if a candidate gets scholarship from a Government/ NGO/ any other organization, then LPU Scholarship will be restricted to amount obtained by subtracting outer agency Scholarship (from a Government/ NGO/ any other organization) from total applicable fees (including Examination fee and charges for residential/transport/ laundry facility/ meal plan, If any, subject to maximum for Non-AC three seater residential facility). Total Applicable fee will be excluding any scholarship amount offered by University. Example: Assuming Fee of B.Tech. Programme as US$ 2450 per semester (i.e. US$ 4900 per year), Exam fee as US$ 150 (for two semesters) and the Residential fee for two seater Non-AC Residential Facility (Boys) as US$ 1400 per academic session and charges for Mess Plan and Laundry are US$ 550 and US$ 70 respectively. If a candidate (boy) enrolled in B.Tech. with a 2 seater Non-AC residential facility receives a scholarship of US$ 2450 per year at the time of admission and later on also gets a Scholarship of US$ 6000 per year from outer agency or equivalent, then the maximum entitlement for scholarship offered by LPU for such candidate shall be US$ 920 per year (instead of US$ 2450 per year), obtained by subtracting Scholarship of Outer agency i.e. US$ 6000 from total fee of the programme i.e. US$ 6920 (4900 + 1250 + 550 + 70 + 150 = 6920). Important point is that for calculating total fee of the candidate, fee of 2-Seater Non-AC residential facility US$ 1400 per year has not been considered rather US$ 1250 per year (3 seater Non-AC residential facility) has been considered as fixed as maximum limit by the University.
  • Students applying for post-matric or any other scholarship or grant or loan, or other financial assistance provided by a government, semi-government, public undertaking, NGO, private agency, or any other organization needs to pay the required Programme Fee, Examination Fee, charges for residential and other facilities before the start of classes for each semester till the completion of the programme, as per university payment timelines. The university will not communicate or intervene with scholarship or loan providers and will not be liable or submit/upload any documents related to applied schemes on behalf of the student. However, the university may provide necessary documents to students only.
  • The benefit of Scholarship will not be applicable in case of fee for various other requirements/ facilities like Backlog/ Re-appear/ Make up fee etc. as mentioned under the head ‘Fee for Additional Services/ Facilities’ in General Guidelines for Admissions etc. unless otherwise specified by the university.
  • Benefit of Fee/ Scholarship is for the normal duration of the programme. However if candidate takes more than normal duration to pass the programme, he will not be entitled for these benefits for duration in excess of normal duration.
  • Scholarship benefit cannot exceed the programme fee and in case the scholarship amount exceeds the programme fee, then only programme fee will be exempted.
  • University at its discretion may impose condition of minimum CGPA and/or attendance to be maintained in every term/ semester/ year or any other condition for continuation of Scholarship in subsequent term(s)/ semester(s)/ years.
  • If at any stage, it is found that an applicant has concealed, suppressed, distorted any information/ fact(s) which would have rendered him ineligible for admission and/ or ineligible for benefit of Fee/ Scholarship including or applicant has been admitted and/ or benefit of Fee/ Scholarship has been awarded by default by the University, then the admission and/ or benefit of Fee/ Scholarship will stand cancelled and action will be taken as per law of the land.
  • If at any stage, it is found that erroneous benefit of Fee/ Scholarship has been awarded because of Staff mistake or otherwise, and then the candidate will be entitled for actual Fee/ Scholarship as per the policy. Any additional amount already awarded to candidate may be recovered accordingly.
  • In addition to other terms and conditions as prescribed from time to time, only those candidates will be eligible for Scholarship in subsequent terms/ years:
    • Against whom No Disciplinary action has been initiated or taken during their stay at LPU.
    • Who has never been charged for Academic Misconduct or Use of Unfair Means in LPU.
  • In case of any matter not covered here and for interpretation of any content, the decision of the competent authority of the University shall be final and binding on all concerned.