Student Live Projects

Live Projects

Learning Beyond the Classroom!

LPU @ AutoExpo

University students presented revolutionary auto designs including the world’s first family solar car, a driverless car, unique bikes, a smart hybrid car etc. alongside automobile giants like BMW, Mercedes and Maruti at the Auto-Expo.

Student Song Featured On TV Adverts

The VERTO song, which is played in all LPU advertisements, was composed and sang by LPU students.

Village Development Project with the Govt. of Punjab

The SATHI initiative ensures overall development of the villages through university engagement. Through SATHI, LPU students and faculty endeavor to facilitate skill development and employment generation.

Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Marvel

Students created a huge 41 feet tall metallic structure composed of 12 cars called ‘Metal Boy’. It was to be the main center of attraction at Auto Expo 2014.
LPU Boxing

Students Build Solar Powered Car

Students designed and built a solar car that claims to do away with costly fuel options and promises the "highest mileage on solar energy". Hitting the roads soon!
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Student Run Full Fledged Hotel

LPU students run and manage a full fledged hotel with a functional kitchen, restaurant, 25 rooms and all possible amenities. The hotel usually hosts university guests and parents.

Students Race Go Karts

Students learn the fundamentals of automobile engineering by building their own go karts. What is interesting is that they actually have to race their go karts to show whose design is the best.
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Students Run Live Businesses @ The UniMall

Students have access to a fully functional 10 storey mall where they can host and run their businesses. Hundreds of students have started a number of restaurants, shops, cafes and outlets.
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Aviation Lab

Students can practice real life aviation hospitality at the state of the art aviation lab.
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Aerodynamic Human Powered Vehicle

Conceptialized and built by LPU students, the main objective of the vehicle was to achieve maximum speed, provide utmost comfort and safety to the riders, make it light weight and agile, with maximum stability even in worst conditions, and to produce the vehicle with affordable cost.

Students Race Light Solar Powered Cars

What better way to learn about solar technology than by actually developing your own vehicles. Since the students have to race them and compete, they are compelled to ensure that their design is efficient and commercially viable.
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Refurbishing Urbanscape

LPU students studying architecture did spatial planning to revitalize street scape of Phagwara city under design imperatives of Street Vendor Act, 2014.

LPU Students Build Mobile Apps

LPU students are continuously developing Mobile Apps for various in-house activities, events and online services that are popular in Google Apps. These include LPU Touch, LPU ClassAlert, Verto, LPU Marks Calculator, LPU Calc, LPU-Time Tabulation, LPU NotMe....and the list is endless.
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Flying Farmer

Conceptulized and built by LPU students, Flying Farmer is a wireless sensor device used in farming and field survey of forests. It plays an important role in enhancing mapping and survey of yield and biomass. By using this technology, one can support and increase the precision in farming with different sensors and also estimate nutrient content.

Eco Friendly Bikes

Students developed tons of eco friendly bike designs and raced them to establish whose designs were the most efficient and viable.

Students Experiment with Hydroponics

Developed by LPU students, it is a novel technology in which the plants are grown in an artificial environment without soil. Various ensemble approaches like hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics are utilized. The growth rate of a hydroponic plant is 30 to 50 percent faster than a soil plant, grown under the same conditions.
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Students For Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

LPU students were declared as Youth Ambassadors for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. They have been rewarded for their live project on floating island approach for sustainable development of ‘Kanjli wetland’ in Kapurthala, Punjab.
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Students Work on Aquaponics

LPU students have undertaken aquaponic project to explore its sustainability and increasing awareness of this food production system. Aquaponics, a combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (soilless plant farming), uses fish wastewater as a resource, circulating it through hydroponic grow beds where plants take up its nutrients. The filtered water is then recycled back through the fish tanks.
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Hunar Se Rozgar Tak

LPU in association with Union Ministry of Tourism have taken special training initiative for providing skill based training to youth belonging to weaker sections of the society. These courses include food production, bakery, housekeeping, food and beverage service.
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Students Develop Session Capture App

Development by LPU students, It helps teacher to monitor the computer screen of students using Screen Sharing module. Students can also monitor computer screen of the teacher. This is highly beneficial in academics as it facilitates students to store video lectures as well faculty member to view the student’s action for better management.
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Students Develop Quadcopter

LPU students have conceptualized and built an autonomous quadcopter. This quadcopter is equipped with gyroscope, accelerometer, wifi module and arduino board for processing. Students worked to stabilize copter in flight by tuning PID controllers making it fully autonomous for various applications such as remote surveillance etc.
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Ayurvaidya Aushdha Nirman

Under this entrepreneurship project, students successfully prepared and sold various classical dosage forms like shankha bhasma, anandbhairav rasa and draksharistha.

Gesture Controlled Wheelchair

LPU students have conceptualized and built an accelerometer based, hand gesture controlled wheelchair. A microcontroller runs motors in forward, backward, left and right direction. It will make life easy for the physically challenged who are unable to perform daily activities.
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Rejuvenation of NH-1

LPU architecture students have conceptualized potential greenway link from LPU to Jalandhar city showcasting historically significant sites, beautifying entrances to various buildings, landscape corridor edges, making entire journey on road pleasing to the travellers.
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Walking Bicycle

Bicycle with legs!- Combines the walking with cycling. The rear wheel of the cycle is replaced with a mechanical assemblage of links to idealize a walking object. This project is built with the aim of providing health benefits as well as generating small scale electricity for home use. With 2 hours of cycling, it can generate electricity which is able to supply energy for 24 hour of daily use in a normal house.
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Students Develop Herbal cosmetics

Entrepreneurs are willing to take risk and generate new ideas. Students successfully prepared unique preparations of Ayurveda and various herbal cosmetic preparations like curcumin gel, face pack and hand sanitizer. These ayurvedic products can be made from easily available raw material and quite cheap in comparison with other cosmetic products. Moreover, they do not have any side affect on the user skin.

Students Showcase Designs at Fashion Show!

Students of Fashion Design showcase their design collections, creative outfits and indigenous items. These were showcased at an exclusive Fashion Show. Themes like Victorian Voyage, Tamed Totem and Sicilian Saga were major talk of the fashion show.

Students Design Autonomous Rover

LPU students have built an autonomous navigation robot having capability of obstacle avoidance and following pre-defined path given as GPS coordinates. This rover is built using ultrasonic sensor, GPS receiver, arduino board, batteries and body. The team participated in Rover Challenge and won first prize in competition.

Mobile Operated Driverless Car

LPU students conceptualized and built a driverless car that can be operated with a mobile phone from anywhere in the world. The car is pliable on both the auto and manual modes and has safety provisions such as child-lock system.

Electric Biking!

Yet another renewable initiative! Yes, LPU students developed eco friendly bikes that can run on cheap electricity.