On Campus Jobs Students have the option to work part time jobs on campus enabling them to 'earn as they learn'.

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On Campus Jobs

To help you make your education more affordable

Peer Tutor

Bright students can work as teachers or teaching assistants to teach and guide juniors or weaker students.

Assistant Physiotherapists

Physiotherapy students can assist in all kinds of physiotherapist activities on campus during competitions and events.

Assistant Pharmacists

Pharmacy students work part time to track the distribution of medicines and maintaining records in the University Medical Store.

GSA Trainee

Hotel Management Students assist with daily routine tasks and provide guest service.

Assistant Technicians

Students get avail jobs like welding, motor winding, repairing, assembling products in academic labs and workshops.

Medical Lab Technicians

Students pursuing Clinical Microbiology in LPU can work as part time assistants in Medical Labs.


To guide students about healthy diets, Hotel Management division hires students to assist as dieticians.

Content Assistants

LPU offers talented students jobs as content developers. Students assist research scholars in finding content or write blogs for the university website.

Sports Trainers

To coach and monitor different sports activities and athletics.

Computer Lab Assistant

Students work as lab assistants helping in the maintenance of computers and network addressing hardware and software related issues.

Library Assistants

Students work part time as Library Assistants and undertake responsibilities like arranging books, assisting students and maintaining overall discipline.

Office Assistants

Part time jobs are offered for interested students in non-academic departments like hostels and uni-hospital.

Student Counselors

To counsel parents and their wards, students take part time job as student counselors during admission time.

Data entry Operators

Students working as part time data entry operators assist in storing and maintenance of office data.

Receptionist & Campus Guides

Students play a pivotal role as receptionists/campus guides in assisting visitors and renowned personalities see the campus

Call Centre Assistant

Students work as Call Centre Assistants and handle support or admissions queries over phone.