Dual Degree Programmes/Options

Academic Innovations

A dual degree offers many distinct academic, professional, cost and time benefits, making it possible for students to diversify or specialise depending upon their desire.
In other words, you could build a career in either field or you could use your interdisciplinary knowledge and insight to create a niche career path for yourself.
Highlights of the programmes include:

  • Assured fee structure i.e. fee for higher degree will be
    • same as in the year of admissions in lower degree/diploma without scholarship
    • OR
    • Same as in the year of getting promoted to higher degree with scholarship
  • Two degrees/diplomas, each with separate CGPAs, will be awarded separately. Each degree will be recognised as separate and equivalent to the corresponding degree.
  • You have two options in hand:
    • To exit on completion of the lower degree
    • OR
    • Continue doing higher degree. (You will be asked in the final or penultimate year of lower degree/diploma to exercise your option)
  • A dual degree aims for a better comprehension of your chosen subject of study. It may combine more than one subject, mostly in a horizontal spread, without compromising on intensity of the course and the credits.
  • Your continued association with the environment (Department, Faculty, Library, Labs, and Policies) requires no relocation and readjustments.

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