Lush Green Vast Campus

LPU India’s largest single-campus is home to several architecturally striking buildings where every need of both staff and students is met. Tree-lined avenues and lush lawns dotted with beautiful flowering shrubs soothe the eye and create an ideal learning ambiance.

Emblematic Architecture

The University’s infrastructure is distinctive by its modern architecture with each building illustrating a unique picture of its utility. The campus has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with students from different parts of the globe.

Smart Classrooms

Multimedia projectors are used to make learning more absorbing and comprehensive. Simulated teaching software is the ’in thing’ for visualized form of concepts helps better development of application oriented skills among students.

Labs and Workshops

Labs are integral part of an academic institution and in LPU we are strongly committed to providing world class infrastructure of labs so that we can create ideal environment for a student to understand the practical part of concepts.


An air conditioned Central Library housed in a nine storey building, and 10 other dedicated departmental libraries, provide to students and staff a very conducive environment and opportunity for exploring a world of knowledge.


The University Auditorium, Shri Baldev Raj Mittal and Smt. Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium, is centrally air-conditioned with a fully sound proof set up and equipped with latest technology for all types of audio/video presentations.

Open Air Theatre

In addition to a hi- tech auditorium and small digital auditoriums, the University has numerous open air theatres like Sh. Baldev Raj Square, Smt. Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium, Sunken Stage, Shed Street etc.

Playgrounds, Tracks and Courts

The University provides all necessary facilities and equipment to the students for maintaining physical fitness and good health. All the games have sports equipment of International standard which is accessible to all students.

Residential Facilities

The university is alive to the expectations of its students who come here from a wide variety of cultural and geographical zones. It offers them excellent living accommodation within the campus, separately for boys and girls.

Transport and Parking

LPU has a dedicated fleet of buses for ferrying students to the university from nearby cities. Hosteller, like day scholar, can avail parking facility for his/her vehicle if he/she chooses to keep one.

Shopping and Eating Facilities

Apart from mess facility in each residential facility a varied range of food kiosks, cafes, canteens, juice bars, snack bars, coffee bars. The Uni-Mall houses a departmental store and various shops and offices of daily needs.


Uni-Hotel of 25 rooms, nestled in the unique educational environment of LPU, providing all the luxuries and modern conveniences of a full service hotel including first class dining, aims to offer a learning platform to the hospitality students.

Health Care Facilities

Sh.Baldev Raj Mittal Hospital in the campus is fully equipped to take care of the university residents. It is staffed with well qualified doctors, nurses, lab technicians and provides the healthcare services.

Physiotherapy Clinic

Qualified Physiotherapists are engaged in this campus clinic for providing cure for various cardiovascular, neurological, and orthopaedic related problems. Specialized labs have been set up for Electro diagnostic and Electro therapeutic modalities.


Housed in the Uni-Centre, the gymnasium is equipped with world class fitness equipment from Cybex USA. Gym are having specialized spaces for cardio and weight training along with steam and sauna rooms.

Banking and Postal Services

The university campus has branches of 6 banks: ICICI, PNB, OBC, SBOP, BOI, KVB and 40+ ATMs at various sites across the campus. Post Office, opened to caters all the postal needs of students like mail, parcel, speed post, money transfer etc.

Security and Safety

LPU is having huge security installations including 4000 CCTV cameras, turnstile gates at the entry of hostels, automatic boom barriers at main gate and dedicated team of professional security officers and personnel, deputed at all campus locations.