About Punjab


Enterprise and endeavor, these two words symbolize the essential spirit of the people of Punjab. Privileged by nature and the dynamism of its people, Punjab is a land of rivers, fertile soils and steady achievement. Punjab derives its name from the fact that it is home to five major rivers namely Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Jhelum, Chenab. With its inimitable style, Punjab has been transforming every potential opportunity into a success story.

Punjab is referred to as "The Golden state of India" owing to its high performance in all arenas. Its average growth rate of 10% is amongst the highest in the country, clearly reflecting the progressive economy of the state. Punjab also boasts of the highest per capita income in India. The growing pace of industrialization in Punjab, the main stress has been on expansion, modernization and reorientation of Professional and Technical Education and industrial training system for ensuring quality manpower availability to the industrial sector of the country and also beyond the Indian shores.

Facts about Punjab

  • India's wealthiest state in terms of per capita income
    (as per *India Today´s Survey)- 2007
  • India´s Best State
  • FIRST in Agriculture
  • FIRST in Infrastructure
  • FIRST in Consumer Market
  • SEVENTH in terms of education amongst the states
*The Top Magazine of INDIA