World populations and economies are rapidly increasing their demand for food. At the same time, agricultural systems are being placed under pressure to meet environmental, social and economic goals.

The challenges of a rapidly growing population, climate change, and the limitations of land and fresh water all impact on the ability of agriculture to meet the demand for food, fibre and fuel. To address this demand an understanding of the complex factors that shape agricultural systems is necessary.A major in Agricultural Science will provide the tools to address the complex factors that shape agricultural systems.Agricultural Science provides the research, technology and information for the sustainable, profitable and ethical development of the agricultural industry. Studies in agriculture include soil science, genetics, cropping and pasture systems, soil-plant interaction, livestock production, agricultural economics and agribusiness. B.Sc in agriculture (Honors) is one of those courses which are widely explored in this present era. The main reason behind this is the growing importance of agriculture and the benefits of adding technology to it. The undergraduate programme in Agriculture includes use of various technological aspects for the betterment of agriculture. B.Sc in Agriculture has wide job aspects. Today, graduates in Agriculture are readily accepted in the public and private organisations for improvement of agriculture.

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