For MBA Programme
Module -I 2023-24
Commencement of classes M, Aug 14, 2023
Close of Module -I W, Oct 11, 2023
Preparatory Leave Th, Oct 12, 2023
*End Term Examination F-Th, Oct 13-26, 2023
Module-II 2023-24
Commencement of classes F, Oct 27, 2023
Term Break for Students Sa-M, Nov 11-13, 2023
Close of Module-II W, Dec 27, 2023
Preparatory Leave Th-F, Dec 28-29, 2023
*End Term Examination Sa-Su, Dec 30-31, 2023 & M-Tu, Jan 08-16, 2024
Winter Holidays M-Su, Jan 01-07, 2024
Module-III 2023-24
Commencement of classes Th, Jan 18, 2024
Close of Module-III Sa, Mar 16, 2024
Preparatory Leave Su, Mar 17, 2024
*End Term Examination M-F, Mar 18-29, 2024
Module-IV 2023-24
Commencement of classes Sa, Mar 30, 2024
Close of Module-IV Tu, May 28, 2024
Preparatory Leave W, May 29, 2024
*End Term Examination Th-Tu, May 30-Jun 11, 2024
Summer Internship W-W, Jun 12-Jul 31, 2024
Summer Training Evaluation Th-Sa, Aug 08-10, 2024
Commencement of classes of Module-I of Session 2024-25 M, Aug 12, 2024

Some important points:

  • *The End Term Examination of courses like Capstone, Dissertation, Projects and similar courses will be scheduled as per the Guidelines released for Capstone, Dissertation, Projects and similar courses issued from time to time by the University.
  • The schedule of publication of result and scrutiny of answer sheets by students shall be circulated later via University Management System (UMS)
  • Detailed course wise dates of End Term Examination will be communicated separately by Division of Examination.
  • The dates mentioned in the calendar, especially with regard to End Term Examinations, are tentative and a variation may occur.
  • Any examination may be held on Sunday.
  • The schedule of Sports/ co-curricular/ cultural events will be notified separately by the concerned Division/ School.