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Where should I book my ticket to?
Air tickets should be booked to Amritsar Airport in Punjab.
Which is the nearest airport where there are direct flights from UK?
Nearest Airport would be Shree Ram Das Jee International Airport, Amritsar
Are there many connecting flights from New Delhi airport to Amritsar airport?
Yes, there are many connecting flights from Delhi to Amritsar airport.
If there are other routes from where I can book my flight directly to Amritsar?
Yes, Amritsar is also an international airport and there are few flights from Dubai as well to Amritsar.
If there are any Pick up facility from Amritsar airport?
Yes, there is complimentary pickup facility from Amritsar Airport for all the participants who are coming under Incredible India Program.
Would I need to get the medical insurance even before joining the university?
Yes, it is strongly advisable to get your medical insurance for the complete duration of the program.
What currency is acceptable in India and if I have to get it exchanged in what currency should I bring money. Is there any money exchange inside the university?
In India the currency being used is Indian National Rupee (INR). You can bring the Sterling Pounds or USD which can be exchanged either at Airport or in the University Campus.
Does the university campus have ATM and if the International Debit/Credit cards are accepted in India and campus?
Yes, there are close to 50 ATMS within in the university campus and almost all of them accept the VISA, MasterCard and Maestro powered cards. Though there are regulation to withdraw amount up to certain limit only on daily basis. We also have Western Union Branch at our campus for exchange. Pre-paid credit cards also acceptable at the ATM’s but for that you should have International Withdrawal approved from your bank.
What are the documents that I should carry when I land that is required to be handy for the immigration purpose at the Airport?
  • Passport
  • Invitation Letter by the university
Can I Purchase such items like Snacks, Souvenir, Books, and Stationary etc. from the university campus?
University has a full-fledged shopping mall in the university campus itself and you can purchase most of the products on the campus itself.
What medical facilities are available on campus?
We have on campus Hospital which works 24*7.
What if I arrive in India or travel to India before program?
If you arrive prior to the scheduled date then you will have to reach the university campus on your own and you can stay in university hotel at additional cost.
What is the temperature or weather condition in the city where LPU is located?
Summer in northwestern India starts from April and ends in July, and in the rest of the country from March to June. By July, most of the Indian interior experiences mean temperatures over 35°C(95°F), while maximum temperatures often exceed 40°C(104 °F).
What kind of clothes should I carry with me?
Little formal and comfortable cotton cloths would be best option. Please do keep in mind the Indian Tradition while packing cloths. It is not a formal academic environment but also not casual fun environment.