How to Apply

Applicants in their own interest must read and understand all the information published in the International Booklet 2018, the university website, and otherwise published by the University from time to time. The applicant can apply for the online admission by following the below mentioned basic steps:

Registration with the application portal

The applicant has to register with the application portal i.e, by filling the registration form.


1st STEP: Filling the application form

The applicant has to select the program of their interest and fill the application form using following details: -

  • General Information
  • Contact Information
  • Passport/Nationality Id Information
  • Qualification Exam Information
  • Programme Information
  • In Campus Residential Facility
  • Upload documents
  • The applicant has to ensure that the application form is duly filled and the documentary evidence of qualifying examination supporting the admission (if any) is also uploaded in the online application portal.
  • If the content in the marks sheet/ transcript is not in English, a certified English translated version must also be uploaded in addition to the native language certificate.
  • In case the results have not been declared, “result awaited” should be filled in the Result Status column.
  • The applicant has to visit the online application portal time to time for all the latest updates related to the admission.
  • The applicant has to provide the correct email id as all the further communication will be through email only.

2nd STEP: Download Offer Letter (OL)

After receiving the online application and fulfilling of due formalities by due date as required, the university may issue “Offer Letter (OL)” for provisional admission or “Conditional Offer Letter” as the case may be which can be downloaded by clicking on “Download Your Offer Letter” under 2nd STEP. Unless or otherwise you will be informed through an email.


3rd STEP: Fee payment & Updation

  • The applicant shall transfer the fee in university bank account as mention in the Offer Letter and upload payment transaction proof with in the stipulated time.
  • The applicant has to ensure that he/she has read and understood all the guidelines, policies and instructions as mentioned in the Offer Letter and the university website before accepting the terms of Acceptance of Offer Letter & transfer the fee.
  • For details about payment of fee, please refer “How to Pay” section of the International website
  • If the conditions mentioned in the Offer Letter are not met and the completed “Acceptance of Offer Letter” is not received by the university before the last date of admission as mentioned in the admission schedule on the university Website, the admission will not be confirmed unless otherwise decided by the university.

4th STEP: Download Acceptance Letter

  • After receiving the Acceptance of Offer Letter and verifying the fulfilment of all the conditions as mentioned in the Offer Letter and confirmation of the payment transfer details updated by the applicant in the online application portal, the university will issue the Acceptance Letter which can be downloaded by clicking on “Download Acceptance Letter” under 4th STEP. Unless or otherwise you will be informed through an email.
  • The Acceptance Letter issued by the University can only be used for applying the Indian Student visa. Offer Letter cannot be used to apply for the Indian Student Visa.


Get Started with the Application
Visa application
The applicant should apply for the student visa at the nearest Indian High Commission/ Indian Embassy. The application for Visa should be supported by all the relevant documents.

Reporting at the University Campus
The student shall report at the University before the last date of reporting as mentioned in the Offer Letter or as available on the university website
In case of any delay in reporting because of any reason including but not limited to issue of visa, the student shall not be allowed to join the university, unless otherwise decided by the university.
In case, student reports at university after the last date of admission, he/she has to take special approval for it and shall have to give an undertaking that he/she will not claim any benefit related to loss in attendance, marks, or CA.

FRRO and Medical Exam Certificate
The FRRO is mandatory for all Foreign nationals (except the students from Nepal and Bhutan) studying in India. The FRRO has to be completed within 14 days of arrival in India and the student has to provide the university with a copy of the FRRO.
The student has to undergo medical examination in his/her native country for general fitness, HIV, and yellow fever (in case of African countries) and has to provide the copy of the same at the time of reporting. In case of any non-compliance, the admission of the student can be cancelled or any other action may be taken as deemed appropriate by the university and concerned Government agency. (For complete information, refer the head general information related to foreigner regional registration)

A student has to satisfy all the conditions as laid down by university from time to time, failing which can result in the cancellation of the admission or otherwise decided by the university.
It generally takes 3-6 weeks to get the Indian Visa. Thus it is advisable to apply for the visa accordingly and consult the Indian High Commission/ Indian Embassy in the concerned country.
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