Freshmen Induction 2022

Freshmen Induction is an initiative to make students acquainted with the culture and norms of the institution. Freshmen Induction will introduce a student to life at the university, the academic procedures, various platforms and opportunities that will be made available to students during their time in the university.

Induction will start with reporting and will introduce you to all the prospective opportunities available to you in order to be successful professionals. To ensure that your precious time is not lost, we plan to start with classes by end of August 2022. You should take this induction as an opportunity to meet your faculty and familiarize yourself with your department/school, by preparing as much as possible before your teaching begins.

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the Pro-Chancellor

Mrs. Rashmi Mittal

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Fresher’s League Contest Student Testimonials

Induction Program at LPU gives us a way to move forward and also detailed instructions about how your life at LPU is gonna be. And Fresher’s League contest is the first step to make you ready for challenges and motivate you from the beginning of your journey at LPU. So it’s a wonderful way of interaction.

Priyanka Tiwari MBA
Raipur - Chhattisgarh, India

When I got to know about Fresher’s League Contest, I was very excited to be a part of LPU family .Even though I was at my place and this activity boosted me massively that I was counting days to report to the University as soon as possible. It was really a nice experience to participate and showcase my creativity on this platform. I would like to tell my fellow mates that keep participating in such events as LPU is filled with such opportunities to explore and enhance your talent.

Shrutika (B.Tech. (Computer Science and Engineering))
Pune - Maharashtra India

Fresher’s League Contest gave me opportunity to enhance my skills. It was a very interesting initiative by LPU. The best point about this contest was that I could express my views about my inspirational leader Dhirubhai Ambani in the best possible way. My message to everyone is “Keep participating, keep exploring, Open yourself... never hide your talent!”

Buddala Saketh(MBA (Supply Chain and Logistics))
Visakhapatnam - Andhra Pradesh India

I am very glad that LPU conducted Fresher’s League Contest. I have never heard about such kind of online contest conducted by university for the fresher students who have not even joined the University. So, I was very excited when I came to know about this online contest. It was a great brainstorming activity. I would like to suggest everyone who are studying in LPU to participate in such events as much as they can. Such activities unleash our potential and we get acquainted with some other aspects of our personalities.

Diti Srivastava (MBA)
Gorakhpur - Uttar Pradesh India

From the very first day after my association with LPU, starting from online platform of Fresher’s League Contest in which I could participate even when I was at my home. LPU is filled with ample number of opportunities to learn and grow every day. I penned down my deep feelings and beliefs after seeing contest picture. I have a great hunch that LPU will sharpen my skills and make me improved version of mine. The message for my fellow mates is “Take a leap of faith and never stop or underestimate yourself”.

Radhika Dey (B.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication))
Kolkata - West Bengal India

In my experience Fresher’s League Contest was a great source of motivation to me. It was really a joyful experience as I came to know about my hidden talent which I was not aware about. I advise every student to be part of such events that will be held in LPU as it is the platform that leads to growth and success.

Asif Rehman (Diploma (Engg.) Computer Science and Engineering (CSE))
Handwara - Jammu And Kashmir India

When I first came to know about the essence of Fresher’s League Contest, I was very elated to be part of this contest. LPU was already engaging the Fresher’s like us even before they reported to the University Campus. It was indeed an amazing experience for me. I started feeling some special bond with University. This contest helped me to streamline my thought process and think on rational aspects. I believe that students like me should keep trying because without trying and seeing its result one cannot improve in his/her Life.

Eshan Chopra (B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering) (Hons.) )
Faizabad - Uttar Pradesh India

Fresher’s League Contest was really an admirable initiative by LPU. Initially, I was quite fascinated as well as curious to know more about it. This contest was quite relatable to me as being an aspiring engineering student, we have to think about new ideas and work towards innovation for effective outcomes. It’s in students hand to make their way through the world whenever and wherever they get an opportunity, never miss it as you never know what is waiting for you.

Ritesh Kumar (B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering))
Munger - Bihar India

LPU is hub of opportunities for students and Fresher’s League Contest was also one of them. I feel very honoured to be part of this League. This contest reflected the harsh reality of world and motivated me to analyse the situation and frame my feelings into words in best possible way. I have a message for my fellow mates that each and everyone of us should grab the opportunities and make the best out of it.

Shuvendu Das (B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering))
Jharamuhan Rajkanika - Odisha India

Fresher’s League Contest experience was quite good. I had an opportunity to learn about new things through this contest. This platform provided me an opportunity to challenge myself and see where I stand in the crowd. It was a very engaging, motivating and entertaining contest. If you are in LPU, you should make best out of the opportunities coming in your way.

Abhishek Raj (B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering))
Chhapra - Bihar India

Glimpse of LPU Freshers League Contest Event 2022

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