Scholarship on the basis of work experience for MBA

On the basis of work experience for MBA

    Eligibility Criteria:
  • Minimum 2 years’ work-experience requirement for the scholarship before submitting the application.
  • Only Full-time employment will be considered for the calculation of work experience.
  • The work experience gained only after completing the graduation will be counted for this purpose.
  • Full time internships as part of the graduation programme will not be considered for the calculation of two years ‘requirement.
  • The work experience need not be from a single employer. The candidate can submit the work experience from different employers but a minimum of 6 months experience from 1 employer will be required for the above calculation i.e. if the applicant has worked only for less than 6 months with a particular employer the same will not be considered for the calculation of two years of experience.
  • Applicant may be called for a personal interview to validate the claims and documents submitted.
Sr. No. Category of Organizations Additional Scholarship (If student is already getting any other scholarship/financial aid being offered by LPU)
1 Companies listed in
Fortune India 500
Forbes 500
ET 500
Bloomberg Top 500
2 All Public companies
Government sector companies
Private Ltd. Companies
# Minimum 6 months experience is required in the company for getting the benefit of the above-mentioned categories. For example, if a student has worked for 6 or more months in a Fortune 500 company and remaining months in a Public Listed Company, then scholarship will be given as Fortune 500 company.
    Required Documents:
  • Experience certificate clearly mentioning the date of joining, working hours, date of relieving, job responsibilities and salary drawn along with other perks orany other document.
  • At least 1 reference letter from any of the past employer/s.
  • The decision of the university will be final and binding and no request for review will be entertained in this respect.