LPU MBA Scholarship - Basis Of Work Experience

Scholarship on the basis of
work experience for MBA

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum 2 years’ work-experience requirement for the scholarship before submitting the application.
  • Only Full-time employment will be considered for the calculation of work experience.
  • The work experience gained only after completing the graduation will be counted for this purpose.
  • Full time internships as part of the graduation programme will not be considered for the calculation of two years ‘requirement.
  • The work experience need not be from a single employer. The candidate can submit the work experience from different employers but a minimum of 6 months experience from 1 employer will be required for the above calculation i.e. if the applicant has worked only for less than 6 months with a particular employer the same will not be considered for the calculation of two years of experience.
  • Applicant may be called for a personal interview to validate the claims and documents submitted.
Sr. No. Category of Organizations Additional Scholarship* (If student is already getting any other scholarship/financial aid being offered by LPU)
1 Companies listed in
Fortune India 500
Forbes 500
ET 500
Bloomberg Top 500
2 All Public companies
Government sector companies
Private Ltd. Companies

*Note: If a student is not receiving any other scholarship, the scholarship mentioned shall be awarded as per the qualifying criteria.

# Minimum 6 months experience is required in the company for getting the benefit of the above-mentioned categories. For example, if a student has worked for 6 or more months in a Fortune 500 company and remaining months in a Public Listed Company, then scholarship will be given as Fortune 500 company.

Required Documents:

  • Experience certificate clearly mentioning the date of joining, working hours, date of relieving, job responsibilities and salary drawn along with other perks orany other document.
  • At least 1 reference letter from any of the past employer/s.


The decision of the university will be final and binding and no request for review will be entertained in this respect.


I am expecting to get around 60% marks. Will I get any scholarship?
LPU offers a variety of scholarships to support all deserving candidates. A candidate can get scholarship on the basis of one’s performance in LPUNEST or on the basis of other scholarship schemes offered by university like based on the score in qualification previous to eligibility qualification, performance in sports, cultural, R&D, co-curricular, social service, bravery awards or performance in national level tests like JEE (Main), NEET, UCEED, CAT, MAT, GATE, GPAT etc. For details visit Scholarship Schemes.
How can I apply for Merit Scholarships?
Merit Scholarships are applied for based on criteria such as academic performance, LPUNEST scores, work experience, and national-level test results. Check specific eligibility requirements for each category and submit your application accordingly.
What are the eligibility criteria for Merit Scholarships?
Eligibility criteria vary but may include academic qualifications, LPUNEST scores, work experience, and performance in tests like JEE (Mains), NEET, UCEED, CAT, MAT, GATE, GPAT, etc.
Is there a scholarship for MBA based on work experience?
Yes, there is a work experience-based scholarship for MBA. Eligibility is likely linked to relevant work experience.
How can I apply for scholarships based on Innovation, Startup & Entrepreneurship?
Scholarships in this category are granted based on innovative ideas, start-ups, and entrepreneurial initiatives. The application process may involve providing details about your innovation or start-up.