Scholarship for Orphan Applicants

With a view to facilitate access to higher education to orphan students, LPU offers a special scholarship scheme of Full programme fee waiver (including Examination fee) in the programmes as per Annexure-B (generally covers progarmmes all regular programmes, Honours programmes where parallel regular programmes doesn’t exist, a few programmes governed by specific regulatory authorities; Ph.D. programmes and higher degree are not considered).The scholarship will be given to a maximum of 10 students on first come basis subject to applying on or before last date of Admission.

Terms and Conditions for Scholarship under this policy
  • Definition for purpose of admissibility of this scholarship
    • Orphan is a child whose both parents are dead or he/she is an abandoned child.
    • Guardian is someone who is legally appointed to look after the affairs of young person(s) because their parents are dead.
  • For availing scholarship under this policy student need to submit following documents
    • Death certificate of both the parents
    • Income certificate (Guardian/Self-if employed)
    • Certificate from government approved orphanage, or Affidavit from Kanungos or officer at higher rank in case applicant is not living in government approved orphanage.
  • The candidate is not legally adopted by any individual or couple.
  • Scholarship as stated above is subject to verification and authentication of the information, certificates and other documents as required by the University.
  • The student has to fulfill eligibility criteria and has to follow the admission process as mentioned in the university prospectus or website.
  • Scholarship will be applicable in all regular programmes, Honours programmes where parallel regular programmes don’t exist, a few programmes governed by specific regulatory authorities are also included. However programmes after Post Graduation are not included in the Annexure – B for list of programmes.
  • Applicant who has their previous qualification in professional degree for example B.Tech/ B.Design/ BFA/ BHMCT etc. are not eligible for scholarship under this scheme.
  • Admission under this scheme will be done till the last date of admissions.
  • In case, an applicant is eligible for Scholarship as stated above as well as other Scholarship / Financial aid /monetary benefit scheme or policy of LPU, then he / she has to opt for only one scheme of his/her choice.
  • Scholarship as stated above is offered at the time of admissions only and applicant has to apply for the same at the time of filing Application for Admissions or before the date prescribed by the University.
  • Scholarship as mentioned above is applicable on Programme fee as prescribed for a term/ semester under the Programme details in Part B of the Prospectus for the concerned year. The benefit of Scholarship will not be applicable in case of fee for various other requirements / facilities like Backlog / re-appear / Make up fee etc. as mentioned under the head ’Other Fee’ in General Admission Guidelines of Part - C of Prospectus.
  • Benefit of Scholarship is for the normal duration of the Programme. However if a student takes more than normal duration to pass the Programme, he / she will not be entitled for these benefits for duration in excess of normal duration.
  • If at any stage, it is found that an applicant has concealed, suppressed, distorted any information / fact(s) which would have rendered him ineligible for admission and/or ineligible for benefit of Scholarship or applicant has been admitted and/or Scholarship has been awarded by default by the University, then the admission and/or Scholarship will stand cancelled.
  • In addition to other terms and conditions as prescribed from time to time, only those students will be eligible for Scholarship in subsequent terms / years:
    • Against whom No Disciplinary action has been initiated or taken during their stay at LPU.
    • Who has never been charged for Academic Misconduct or Use of Unfair Means in LPU
  • Final seat allotment will be made subject to completion of all documentation and availability of seats in Programme for which admission is sought by candidate, subject to Terms & Conditions applicable on the date of admission.
  • Final decision regarding admissibility will be taken by the University and cannot be claimed as a matter of right by any eligible applicant.
  • In case of any matter not covered here and for interpretation of any content of this proposal, the decision of the competent authority of the University shall be final and binding on all concerned.
  • All other conditions as mentioned under the head “Terms & Conditions for LPU-Scholarship and its different phases” will also be applicable.
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Click here to view the Orphan Affidavit where student is not living in orphange.