Financial Aid to
Persons with Certain Disability

With a view to facilitate access to Higher Education to the persons with benchmark disability and Locomotor disability caused by Spinal Cord Injury, LPU offers a financial aid. The benefits, process of applications submission, and selection of applications pertaining to scheme are detailed below:

  • Benefits under the scheme:
    • Full Programme fee waiver
    • Examination fee waiver
  • Definition for purpose of admissibility of this scholarship
    • Person with benchmark disability means a person having not less than 70% (Seventy percent) of a specified disability where specified disability has been defined in measurable terms, as certified by the certifying authority. (excluding Deaf & Dumb disability)
    • Locomotor disability (speciallycaused by Spinal Cord Injury-SCI) wherein a person is unable to execute distinctive activities associated with movement of self and objects resulting from affliction of musculoskeletal or nervous system or both.
  • Seats: Total of 25 seats are offered under the scheme in selective programmes.
  • Residential facilities:
    • Applicant will have to pay for availing any residential facilities i.e. stay, food, and laundry etc. food and laundry charges for the attendant also..
    • The attendant may be allowed to stay in the same hostel room without paying additional for residential fees (No extra bedding will be permitted in the room, but floor bedding is permissible in the room for the attendant). For the security concern, all the attendants will be issued one-time free turnstile gate pass by university, students will be required to pay for re-issue of turnstile gate pass.
  • Programmes: Refer Annexure-C1: List of Programmes for Financial Aid to person with certain disability (Other than Blindness) and Refer to Annexure-C2: List of Programmes for Financial Aid to person with certain disability (Blindness Only). The applications are generally accepted in all programmes, except a few programmes such as programmes governed by specific regulatory authorities with limited seats, Programmes in tie-up, programmes after doctorate (PhD and higher)
  • Last Date of Application will be 31st May 2024, Subject to availability of the seats.
  • Document Required: The applicant is required to submit following documents for processing:
    • Form-1: Application Form for Person with certain Disability Financial Aid Scheme 2024.
    • UDID Card (Unique Disability Identity Card) is a mandatory requirement to apply for the financial aid. Person with Disability is issued a Disability Card by a government organization. The same can be applied through In case UDID is not available, receipt  of application for the same along with medical certificate as mentioned above may be considered. However, copy of UDID card has to be submitted by the applicant.
    • Certificate of Disability, a medical proof from competent medical authority (Certificate issued by Chief Medical officer).
    • Income declaration form is required of (Parent/ Guardian/ Self-If employed) as per university perfoma
      (Annexure-I: Income Declaration form).
  • Application Submission:
    • Fill all the details in an application form
      (Refer Form-1: Application for Financial aid to Person with certain disability-2024)
    • Scan all the relevant documents (Color scanned documents to be submitted, mobile photographs will not be accepted)
    • Submit the application along with applicable documents through an email to [email protected]. The subject of email must have: Application for PWCD Financial Aid – name of Applicant
    • In case applicant is visiting University campus or designated offices of university in various cities, The scanned copy of application and applicable documents to be emailed at [email protected] by the university official or by applicant before due date.
    • The application can be submitted before or after taking admission.
      Note: The applicant should clearly mention details/ information pertaining to scheme and scanned documents must be readable.
  • Selection of Applications: The applications complete in all respects will be presented before the committee for final selection.
    • Criteria-1: Percentage of disability of applicant will considered as primary criteria for selection (Higher will be preferred) and Economic Condition of applicant as a secondary criterion (Guardian or Self-if employed) (Lower to be preferred).
    • Criteria-2: In case of tie between two or more applicants as per criteria-1, then preference shall be given to ‘percentage marks in the eligibility qualification’ of applicant (higher percentage marks will be preferred).
    • Criteria-3: In case there is further a tie between two or more applicants as per criteria-1 and Criteria-2, then ‘Date of Birth’ will be considered for breaking the tie (applicant senior in age will be preferred).
      Note: In case the result of previous education qualification is not available due to any reason, then criteria-3 will be applicable to all those applications.
  • Result Declaration: The result of applications will be declared by 15th July 2024.
  • Intimation of Selection: The applicants will be intimated through an individual email from [email protected]. The process of admission (if admission not already taken) will also be shared by an email with selected applicants for person with certain disability financial aid and those applicants will be required to take admission before the last date of admission.
  • Insufficient information or incomplete documents will make applicant ineligible and such applications will not be processed/ presented before the committee.
  • Other Terms and Conditions: All other conditions as mentioned under the head “Terms & Conditions for LPU-Scholarship, its different phases” in Part-B of Prospectus or on university website will also be applicable.


Click here to view the Form-1: Application for Financial aid to Person with certain disability-2024

Click here to view the Annexure-I: Income Declaration form

Click here to view the Annexure-C1: List of Programmes for Financial Aid to person with certain disability (Other than Blindness)

Click here to view the Annexure-C2: List of Programmes for Financial Aid to person with certain disability (Blindness Only)


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