Special Scholarship for Toppers of Education Board

LPU offers special scholarship scheme of full Programme fee waiver to top 20 Rank holders of every recognized school board (State, Central and Open Board provided minimum 1000 students should have appeared in the said exam). The scholarship scheme is as below:

  1. Full Programme Fee waiver (Including Examination Fee), and
  2. Free Stay in four seater room (Air Cooled Room) in hostel Or Free Transport Facility.

Scholarship Categories for Board Toppers

Category-A: Where board awards one Rank to one student only: Top 20 rank holders of that board will be considered for scholarship.

Category-B: Where board awards same rank to multiple students

  • When number students are less than or equal to 20 in the merit list then all the 20 students will be eligible for the scholarship under this scholarship scheme.
  • When number of students are more than 20 in the merit list then scholarship will be awarded to students scoring at least 97% marks and to maximum of 200 students from the list.

    Example1: There are 10 students having 98% marks and 12 students having 97 % marks then, in this case scholarship will be awarded to all 32 students of the board (up to top 20 rank holders); and maximum of 200 students will be considered from the merit list even if rank of student at serial number 200 is 10.

  • When number of students are more than 20 in the merit list and no student have scored more than 97% marks, the equivalent cut-off percentage will be computed taking 100% as base as per following criteria

    Equivalency Example: In case any topper have scored 95.20% marks, it will be considered equivalent to 100% and cut-off (equivalent to 97%) will be calculated as (95.2*97)/100= 92.32 %.

Category-C: Open Board, students must have scored at least 90% marks and above conditions will be applicable as per the merit list.

Terms and Conditions

  • Merit list types, as received from board or available at their website will be considered for providing the benefits under board topper scholarship scheme.
    • Merit List-1: Overall merit list of all the subjects combined prepared by the board.
    • Merit List-2: Stream wise for example Jammu and Kashmir declare stream-wise merit list separately for Science, Arts and Commerce. In such cases, Top 20 students/ Rank holders from each stream will be considered separately as per above categories.
  • Student whose name is the merit list and who is fulfilling required criteria will be eligible for scholarship under this scheme.
  • The student shall maintain a CGPA of 8.00 (or 80% marks in marks based programmes) in first year (first two semesters), 8.5 CGPA (i.e. 85% marks) in second year and 9.0 CGPA (i.e. 81% marks) in third year. In case the CGPA falls below the prescribed limit, the special scholarship will be withdrawn and normal scholarship will be applicable in successive years as per the qualifying marks in eligibility qualification or any other criteria as normally applicable. The special scholarship (full Programme Fee waiver) will not be continued again on attaining required condition in the subsequent semester(s). Result / CGPA declared till the last date of payment of fee (without late fee) will be considered for deciding continuation of scholarship for the next term(s).

The following example will illustrate the implementation of this scholarship scheme: A student had 89% marks in 10+2 but he was topper of his state board and thus admitted with full Programme Fee waiver and four Seater (Air Cooled room) hostel. Fee for the successive terms is supposed to be paid before the end term exam of previous term. So fee of 2nd term is to be paid before the end of first term and similarly fee of 3rd term is to be paid before the end of 2nd term and so on. So by default the student admitted under this Scholarship scheme will not be asked to pay the fee of 2nd term as his result of 1st term will not be out by the last date of fee payment for 2nd term. So full scholarship offered at the time of admission will continue for second semester. However by the last date of payment for the fee of 3rd semester, student must have CGPA of 8.0 and in case CGPA declared till date (only result of 1st semester may be available by now) is less than 8.0, then full Scholarship of the student will be suspended and from the third term onwards student will be awarded with Scholarship of 80% - 89.99% bracket and student will also be required to pay the fee of residential fee (residence).

  • Laundry and Mess plan will be optional and if opted, student will have to pay for the same.
  • It will be responsibility of the student to provide the necessary documents for authenticating his / her top position in the concerned board / university.
  • Admission under this scheme will be done till the last date of admissions.
  • Benefit of Scholarship is for the normal duration of the Programme. However if a student takes more than normal duration to pass the Programme, he / she will not be entitled for these benefits for duration in excess of normal duration.
  • If at any stage, it is found that an student has concealed, suppressed, distorted any information / fact(s) which would have rendered him ineligible for admission and/or ineligible for benefit of Scholarship or student has been admitted and/or Scholarship has been awarded by default by the University, then the admission and/or Scholarship will stand cancelled.
  • In addition to other terms and conditions as prescribed from time to time, only those students will be eligible for Scholarship in subsequent terms / years:
    • Against whom No Disciplinary action has been initiated or taken during their stay at LPU.
    • Who has never been charged for Academic Misconduct or Use of Unfair Means in LPU.
  • Final Selections of student will be made subject to completion of all documentation and availability of seats in Programme for which admission is sought by student, subject to Terms & Conditions applicable on the date of admission.
  • Final decision regarding admissibility will be taken by the University and cannot be claimed as a matter of right by any eligible student.
  • In case of any matter not covered here and for interpretation of any content of this proposal, the terms and conditions as mentioned in prospectus are to be referred and the decision of the competent authority of the University shall be final and binding on all concerned.
  • All other conditions as mentioned under the head “Terms & Conditions for LPU-Scholarship, Its different phases in Part-B of Prospectus will also be applicable.
  • The scholarship will be available in all the programmes as enlisted in the Annexure E (Selected Programme after 10th and 12th).
  • All other conditions as mentioned under the head “Terms & Conditions for LPU-Scholarship and its different phases” will also be applicable.


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