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Migration Cases

Application for admission with advance standing is accepted only if applicant is supposed to spend two or more years in LPU.

How to apply for advance standing admission (Migration):

  • Applicant  will  obtain  the  prospectus  and fill  the  “ Application  Form  for  Admission  with  advanced  standing (Migration  from  other  University/  Institute)”
  • Along  with  the  above  said  form,  student  will  attach  the  following  documents:
    • Certificates of 10th and 12th
    • Certificates  of  result  of  examination  and  DMC  (Detailed  Mark  Certificate)  with  results.
    • Detailed  Syllabi  of  all  the  courses/  subjects  studied  till  date  in  the  current  programme.
    •  All  the  documents  as  prescribed  to  be  submitted  for  admission  to  the  programme  in  which  migration  is  sought.
  • The  student  will  submit  the  above  documents and processing fee of 2000/-(Demand draft  in favor of “ Lovely Professional University Payable at Jalandhar”) to  Division  of  Admissions  at  the  University  Campus,  Phagwara  (Punjab) or out-campus office in your town.
  • After the grant of approval from the competent authority of the University, applicant will be required to fill the application form for admission (available in prospectus), deposit the programme fee, migration charges.
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Admission with Advanced Standing (Migration from other Institutes/Universities)

  • The advanced standing is allowed only in case applicant is presently studying in an Institute / University/College/Board/Council recognized by the concerned regulatory/apex body like UGC etc.
  • The admission with advanced standing of an applicant from other University shall not be permitted unless the qualifying examination passed by the applicant has been recognized as equivalent to the corresponding examination of the University and he fulfils the minimum qualification and other requirements laid down for admission to the Programme to which he seeks migration in the University.
  • Advanced standing in a Programme shall be allowed subject to the availability of the seats in the same Programme of study.
  • An applicant who has backlog/compartment/reappear in any subject may not be eligible for admission with advanced standing.
  • Application for Admission with advance standing may not be considered for Programmes with Dual Degree/Integrated/Honours.
  • The academic contents of the Programme in respect of the syllabus of previous years should not be materially different. The similarity/ equivalence of the syllabus will be decided by the Equivalence Committee constituted by this University.
  • The Equivalence Committee may reject the admission with advanced standing or recommend the admission with advanced standing with or without conditions as deemed fit.
    (Explanation: Advanced standing student may be asked to register for and pass one or more such courses depending on the difference in the course covered by such applicant in the previous university / institute).
  • If advanced standing is sought in a Programme being offered in regular mode of education, the advanced standing student must be from regular mode of education.

Applicable Fees

  • The applicant seeking admission with advance standing shall fill the form for "Admission with advance standing" (to be obtained from Division of Admissions) and deposit the processing fee of 2,000/-
  • In case the admission with advance standing is approved students is required to pay
    • Migration fee of 3,000/-
    • The fee of current academic session
  • In case the Equivalence Committee approves the advanced standing with condition of passing one or more courses, the prescribed fees for that purpose shall also be paid by student in addition to the fees as mentioned above.
  • The processing fee is non-refundable in all the cases, even if the admission with advanced standing of the student is not allowed by the University or the student changes his mind after applying for the same.