Integrated Bachelors Masters Programmes

Academic Innovations

LPU has introduced graduate and post graduate Integrated Programmes (saving 1 year of academic engagement and fee) after 10+2 in the field of Engineering, Management, Arts, Sciences, Law, Commerce and Economics.
These programmes have been developed as per the UGC Notification No. F. 5-1/2013(CPP-II) published in the Gazette of Govt. of India on July 5, 2014.
The highlights of such programmes include:

  • An integrated programme ensures a better comprehension of your chosen subject of study from a multi-dimensional perspective.
  • You get an assured fee structure and continuing scholarship (i.e. fee applicable for higher degree is same as in the year of admission in lower degree. Also, scholarship awarded initially will continue till completion of programme subject to the terms and conditions of Fee and Scholarship mentioned in the Prospectus 2018
  • Integrated degree will be awarded on completion of the programme.
  • It saves one year, in turn saving fee for that one year.
  • Your association with the same environment (Department, Faculty, Library, Labs, and Policies) helps you in hassle free upward movement.

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