Reporting Schedule

* Note
  • Please Enter your Registration Number below to know your Induction Schedule.
  • The provisional Registration No. will be generated 8 hours after taking the admission i.e. making the initial payment.
  • The first day of Induction or start/commencement of classes, whichever is earlier, shall be considered as the start of the session for the concerned programmes.
  • Students are advised to follow the prescribed timeline schedule.
  • For MCA the students who have not studied Computers as a Subject in their Eligibility Qualification, the Start of Classes for the Bridge course is scheduled on 7th August 2021.
The '#' sign stands for the date of completion of the online admission formalities such as student verification, collection of student Virtual ID cards. In the interest of your safety and wellbeing, we are still waiting for the government guidelines to initiate your physical reporting to residential facility.
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