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Freshmen League - 2023

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The Freshmen League Competition is designed to engage and involve freshmen students in social media activities related to their experiences at LPU during Reporting and Induction. The competition aims to promote creativity, authenticity, and community engagement among freshmen through themed posts and testimonials. The competition will be conducted on Instagram, and participants will have the opportunity to showcase their perspectives on various aspects of university life.


All freshmen students at LPU are eligible to participate in the Freshmen League Competition.

The competition will be conducted on Instagram, and participants will have the opportunity to showcase their perspectives on various aspects of university life.

Event Objective

Encourage freshmen to share their personal experiences and perspectives through social media posts and testimonials. The competition aims to create a supportive community and increase engagement among freshmen by promoting active interaction and appreciation for their peers' entries.

Awards & Recognitions

The winners of this Freshmen League will be incentivized by:

  • Academic Boost by gaining 30 Marks weightage: Gain a remarkable 30 Marks weightage in your orientation course floated in your programme, designed to upskill, inform, and guide you towards a brighter future by aligning industry demands with your program.
  • Lucrative Prizes: Win prizes worth more than Rs. 10 Lakhs.
Award Badge


Participants will be required to upload the reel/ post on the basis of specific themes to encourage diverse content and engagement. Themes can be related to specific aspects of university life or the induction process, such as:

Theme Details Mode (Reel / Post)
Theme 1: My first day @ LPU Participants are invited to share their memorable experiences and emotions associated with their first day at LPU. They can capture  the excitement, challenges, and any significant encounters that made their first day truly special. Participants can the reel/ post of their induction experience at LPU as well by  capturing moments of orientation, mentorship, and integration into the LPU family. They can showcase their journey from being newcomers to finding their place within the university ecosystem. Reel or Post
Theme 2: Diversity @ LPU In this theme, participants are encouraged to highlight the diverse cultural and academic backgrounds represented at LPU. They can showcase the vibrant mix of traditions, languages, and perspectives that contribute to the unique fabric of our university community Reel or Post
Theme 3: Campus Wanderlust: Capturing LPU’s Charms Participants are encouraged to explore the picturesque spots and scenic beauty of the LPU campus. They can capture visually captivating photographs and share them, highlighting the unique architectural features, natural landscapes, or hidden gems that make our campus a captivating environment.

List of locations to be used

  • LPU Plaza
  • Robot Model in LPU Plaza
  • Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium
  • Indoor Sports complex
  • LPU Agriculture Farms
  • Innovation studio
  • Student Project display area (Admission Block)
  • Uni Mall (Student Resource centre)
  • Unipolis
  • School wise spotlight area (like Gavel for School of Law)
  • Amphitheatre
  • Central Library
  •  Gym 
  • Any building you find interesting
  • Any other spot of your choice.
Reel or Post
Theme 4:  Hangout Spot @LPU  Relive the cherished moments spent with your best friend at Lovely Professional University, where every nook and corner holds a unique story of laughter and camaraderie. Reel or Post  
Theme 5: Theme of your choice  Let your imagination soar, break free from limitations, unleash the power of creativity by sharing any of your favorite moments in LPU campus. Reel or Post

Categories of Winners:

Influencer Quest - Theme Reel/Post Challenge:

The post/ reel by the participants will be uploaded on the basis of themes floated on the website/reporting area. The best performers' names and school will be announced on the UMS.

Engagement Champions

Mega awards will be announced on September 5th 2023, recognizing continuous improvement in engagement. Top 6 winners will be announced on the basis of their engagement rate during Freshmen League and continuous efforts will be awarded.

Categories of Winners

Cash Prizes

Influencer Quest - Daily Challenge Prize Categories – Theme Reel/ Post Challenge

Position No. of Prizes (per theme) Prize amount (per theme)
First 1 Worth ₹5000
Second 2 Worth ₹3000
Third 3 Worth ₹2000

Champions (Mega)

Position No. of Prizes (per theme) Prize amount (per theme)
First 1 Worth ₹20000
Second 2 Worth ₹15000
Third 3 Worth ₹10000

Evaluation Criteria:

Participants are required to actively engage with their peers' entries by liking, sharing, and commenting on the testimonials or posts uploaded by fellow participants. Engagement levels will be considered during evaluation.

Influencer Quest - Theme Reel/Post Challenge

Parameter Points Minimum Point condition
Likes 1 point per like 50 points
Shares 5 points for per share

Engagement Champions

Parameter Minimum Count required Minimum Point condition
Likes 1 point per like 100 points
Shares 5 points for per share

Guidelines of the Competition

  • Follow LPU's official social media accounts for daily challenges and themes.
  • Tagging: Participants must tag the official LPU Pages and use the following hashtags in their posts to ensure their entries are considered for the competition:
    • #LPU
    • #ProudVerto
    • #LPUFreshmenInduction2023
    • #ThinkBig
  • The competition will run on Instagram only. The other social media platform will not be considered for evaluation purposes.
  • The freshmen can choose any theme as mentioned above and submit his/ her post/ reel through the google form for evaluation. The theme wise weekly winners will be announced and if the freshmen continuously create the engagement of his/her post or reel will be nominated for the Mega award.
  • Engage with other participants by liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts. Building a supportive community is key.
  • Weekly announcements of winners and the venue of prize distribution will be made on UMS in order to apprise the efforts of the participants. The date wise schedule of weekly prize distribution mentioned below:
  • No Vulgar Language: Posts and reels must not contain any form of vulgar, offensive, or inappropriate language. This includes, but is not limited to, profanity, obscenity, and derogatory remarks.
  • No Comments on Religion, Politics, or Controversial Statements: Participants must refrain from making any references or comments related to religion, politics, or any other controversial topics in their posts or reels. We aim to create an inclusive and respectful space for everyone.
  • No Hate or Bad Intentions: Content submitted must not promote hate speech, discrimination, or harm towards any individual, group, community, or entity. Please remember to approach your content creation with kindness and empathy.

Important Timelines

Theme Round-1 Round-2 Round-3
Theme 1: My first day @ LPU 7th August 14th August  21st August
Theme 2: Diversity @ LPU 8th August 16th August 22nd August
Theme 3: Campus Wanderlust: Capturing LPU’s Charms 9th August 17th August 23rd August
Theme 4:  Hangout Spot @LPU  10th August 18th August 24th August
Theme 5: Theme of your choice 11th August 19th August 25th August
Themes Result announcement Last date to submit Entries
All Themes 5th Sept. 2023 31st August 2023 (Till 12 Noon)

How I can Participate?

  • Step 1: Create Reel/ Post. Make engaging content on any or all the themes.Post on your Instagram profile.
  • Step 2: Submit on Google Form. SCAN QR Code or Click on the Register Here button to submit/share your post/ reel link on the form.
  • Step 3.Dont Forget to Tag LPU official Page with given Hashtags; #LPU # ProudVerto #ThinkBig # LPUFreshmenInduction2023

Participant need to fill details on a Google Form, which will be made available at the induction reporting area accessible on link or through QR code by filling given details.

Please note that participation in the Freshmen Induction is vital as it's linked to the assessment of Programme Orientation -I in Semester 1. Don't miss out on this crucial opportunity – Engage in all Induction activities for a successful start to your academic journey

Winners of the Competition

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