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Universities are hotspots for research, innovation, and knowledge creation. The Division of Research and Development (DRD) was established at LPU with an aim to strengthen and support research in STEM, Humanities, and Management with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and innovation by fostering well-equipped labs and cultivating a strong culture of inter-and intra-institution research collaborations.Research-related activities are coordinated at the central level by DRD that comprises various departments which houses sophisticated instrumentation for various kinds of analytical techniques to undertake research in high-priority areas.

Department of Sponsored
Department of Research
Department of Research
Department of Research Impact
and Outcome
Department of Intellectual
Property Rights
Department of Central
Instrumentation Facility

Corps d'elite

LPU faculty in top 2% scientists in world - 2022 as per Stanford University, USA

Dr. Ravinder Kumar
Dr. Ravinder
Dr. Chander Prakash
Dr. Chander
Dr. Navjeet Kaur
Dr. Navjeet
Dr. Dhriti Kapoor
Dr. Dhriti
Dr. Joginder Singh
Dr. Joginder
Dr Vijay Mishra
Dr. Vijay
Dr. Pranav K. Prabhakar
Dr. Pranav K.
Dr. Gursharan Singh
Dr. Gursharan
Dr. Ravindra Jilte
Dr. Ravindra
Dr. Komal Agrawal
Dr. Komal
Dr. Hitesh Vasudev
Dr. Hitesh
Dr. Gulshan Kumar
Dr. Gulshan
Dr. Akhil Gupta
Dr. Akhil
Dr. Sachin K. Singh
Dr. Sachin K.
Dr. Deepak Kumar
Dr. Deepak
Dr. Monica Gulati
Dr. Monica
Dr. Saurabh Satija
Dr. Saurabh
Dr. Rubiya Khursheed
Dr. Rubiya
Dr. Manik Rakhra
Dr. Manik
Dr. Praveen K. Sharma
Dr. Praveen K.
Dr. Naveen Gupta
Dr. Naveen

Sponsored projects

Thermal Energy Storage
Thermal Energy Storage
Integrating thermal energy storage for food/grain drying with CST/RE to lower pollution ( Indo-Australia Joint Project)
LPU leading a consortium of 11 universities to research sports education in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia under the Erasmus + project.
Efficient THz radiation
Efficient THz radiation
Develop a theoretical model for efficient THz generation during laser-plasma interaction.

Research oriented &
Industry driven Ph.D.

Applications are invited for admission to Ph.D. Programmes under various disciplines. Admission to the Ph.D. Programmes will be through LPUNEST (Ph.D.) and Interview.

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Access to state-of-the-art
facilities and equipment

Central Instrumentation Facility

A wide range of high-end instruments for pushing the boundaries of research in science and technology to higher level.

Central Instrumentation Facility
Central Instrumentation Facility
Central Instrumentation Facility

Industry sponsored & collaborated labs

Sai India
Train and guide prospective entrepreneurs on product knowledge along with honing technical, selling, and service skills.
Provide training to students in CCNA as per academy standards.
NSE Academy
Joint MBA & BBA ‘Financial Market’ (FM) programs for providing practical knowledge and skills.
Google Center of Excellence at LPU campus offers special android certification as part of the syllabus.
University collaborated with EMC2 for an advanced career in storage and information management.
Led by Stanford and Cambridge alumni, Safeducate brings international operational know-how of the supply chain logistics.
VLSI lab with Cadence (leading provider of EDA and semiconductor IP) builds technical and research skills.
Microsoft Imagine
Basic fundamentals and advanced concepts of IT to sustain in industry.
Collaborative work for rural health endeavors, institutional development, and promotion of technology for societal benefits.
Punjab Remote Sensing Centre
Enhancing research in the field of geo-spatial technologies and exploring feasibility of launching satellite-payload.
Research based collaboration that focuses on decentralized sanitation systems.
Conducting specialized training programmes in LPU for faculty members, research scholars, and students.
Research and development of processes, tools and techniques for joint academic research.
Academic Resources

Academic Resources

LPU has a huge library system with 11 branches that include access to 20+ lakh books and e-books.



The university has a full-fledged ecosystem to support innovation. The faculty and students are mentored right from the assimilation of ideas, prototyping, filing of IPR. The university has successfully granted patents both nationally and internationally.

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The university is providing consultancy and support in establishing various Micro, small & medium enterprises/industries and establishing academia-industry connect which is aligned to national priorities and missions like Make-in-India and Start-Up India etc.


The university is committed to giving students and faculty different platforms to gain exposure and have deliberations on current research and innovation in their specialised disciplines. In order to uphold its commitment, the university offers financial assistance for conferences, workshops, and seminars held both domestically and abroad.

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Research Publications

Individual Aspirations - A Barrier for Second Career of Veterans
Individual Aspirations - A Barrier for Second Career of Veterans
This study is aimed on devising methods and standards to identify growing ambitions of veterans for a smooth transition into a second career.
Significantly enhanced electrostatic energy storage
Significantly enhanced electrostatic energy storage
Established a simple and effective strategy, for solution casting process able dielectrics with performance comparable to that of fillers prepared by the liquid phase method.
Natural Products, PGC-1 Alpha, and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Natural Products, PGC-1 Alpha, and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Summarizes the current knowledge on Duchenne muscular dystrophy, focusing on potential effects of natural compounds, acting as regulators of PGC-1α.

Funding Agencies

LPU research work has been sponsored by all major national and international funding agencies to produce advancements in healthcare, medicine, environment, education, and industry.

Research Enablement

Research Excellence Awards
Research Excellence Awards are presented to the achievers during Teachers day celebration every year. In "A++" category, Research Excellence Award comprises, one week's visit to any International University in the top 200 Universities (as per THE/QS ranking). In the Research Appreciation Award, "A+" category composed of a cash award of Rs. 50000, "A" category is composed of a cash award of Rs. 40000, "B++" category includes a cash award of Rs. 30000, and "B+: has a cash award of Rs. 10000. Two more awards University is offering, Research Impact Award (Citations) has a cash award of Rs. 10000, University Research Funding Award comprises Research Grant from external funding agency more than or equal to 1crore INR but up to 3 crores INR , cash award of Rs. 50000 and Research Grant from external funding agency more than or equal to 3 crores INR has the award of 1 Week visit (including travel dates) to any one International University in top 200 Universities.
University Scholarly Communication Grant (USCG)
The goals of USCG are to foster greater dissemination of the work of LPU Scholars, Showcase intellectual productivity of the University across the world and to support innovative models of scholarly publishing. This grant is available to LPU community where in University shares the article processing charges for publishing papers in journals of repute. (Journals indexed in WoS/Scopus).
Travel Grant
LPU is committed to increase the exposure of its faculty and staff by encouraging them to attend national and international conferences, collaborative research work, workshops, seminars and symposia for their professional growth and excellence. University provides support to its research community by providing them travel grant, which can be up to 40000 INR, to meet the expenses of attending research related events.
Monetary benefits to principal investigator of sponsored research projects
Principal and co-investigators of the externally sponsored research projects are provided 25% of overhead charges as well relaxation in the teaching load.
Leave point
The research contribution of the LPU faculty helps them to earn leave points which can be availed as leaves for attending research and academic related events.