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Universities are hotspots for research, innovation, and knowledge creation. The Research and Development Cell was established at LPU with an aim to strengthen and support research in STEM, Humanities, and Management with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and innovation by fostering well-equipped labs and cultivating a strong culture of inter-and intra-institution research collaborations.

Research-related activities are coordinated at the central level by the Research and Development Cell that comprises various departments which houses sophisticated instrumentation for various kinds of analytical techniques to undertake research in high-priority areas.

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Central Instrumentation Facility of LPU houses a wide range of high-end instruments for pushing the boundaries of research in science and technology to higher level. These instruments and facilities help the faculties, research scholars and students to carry out globally competitive research in basic, applied and medical sciences.

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LPU has various industry partnerships aimed at promoting research


Collaborated to train and guide prospective entrepreneurs on product knowledge along with honing technical, selling, and service skills for various products and services in the space sector.


Provide training to students in CCNA as per academy standards.


Tie-up for joint MBA & BBA ‘Financial Market’ (FM) programs that provide practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the finance market.


Google Center of Excellence at LPU campus offers special Android certification as part of the syllabus.


University collaborated with EMC2 for advance career in storage and information management.


Led by Stanford and Cambridge alumni, Safeducate brings international operational know-how of the supply chain logistics.


VLSI lab with Cadence (leading provider of EDA and semiconductor IP) builds technical and research skills


Basic fundamentals and advanced concepts of IT to sustain in industry.


Collaborative work for rural health endeavors, outreach programme, institutional development, capacity building, consultancy services and promotion of technology for societal benefits, disease diagnostics and more.


To enhance the research in the field of Geo-spatial technologies and to explore the feasibility of launching Satellite-Payload for future societal applications.


Research based collaboration that focuses on decentralized sanitation system.


Signed MOU with Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).ICSI would facilitate the conduct of specialized training programmes in LPU for faculty members, Research Scholars, Students in area of mutual interest by providing experts.


Research and development of processes, tools and techniques for joint academic research.


Conference is an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of sharing knowledge and ideas for the welfare of humanity. Conferences bring together thought leaders, policymakers, researchers, scholars, and students to share, exchange, and deliberate on the existent knowledge and potential opportunities in their specific fields. Conferences also provide a great platform to participants to collaborate with their peers across the globe.

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In collaboration with the industry & governments

Funding Agencies

LPU research work has been sponsored by all major national and international funding agencies to produce advancements in healthcare, medicine, environment, education, and industry.

Intellectual Property Rights

LPU is doing novel research in various fields. Give it a look...
IPR Number  Title of IPR 
IN291173 A Drilling Machine and a  Method of Drilling
IN317368 A Novel Sugar Free a sava for mulation and Process of Preparation Thereof
IN325490 Improved Oral Targetted Drug Delivery System
IN327273 Improved Coal Tar for mulation for  Treatment of Dandruff and Other Scalp Diseases and its  Method of Preparation Thereof
IN354581 An a pparatus for  Sorting a gricultural Products
IN353450 Bottle Neck Cap a ssembly
IN353669 A Process to  Remove Heavy Metals from Industrial Effluent Using Biochar 
IN354526 Method for  Preparing a  Drug Loaded Oil-In-Water Macroemulsion
IN353703 An a djunct to  Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy and Preparation Method Thereof 
IN352954 A Plug Guage
IN350845 Biofilter for  Removal of Permanent Hardness from Hard Water
IN350786 A Novel and Eco Friendly Process to  Remove Salinity from Sea Water
IN359400 A Novel System for  Canal Irrigation
IN358672 Method and Device for  Monitoring the Critical Parameters of Oil Pipeline 
IN357130 A Vehicle Controller for  Waste Collection with Geo Mapping
IN359994 Saccharification of Biomass Using Fungal Co-Culture Coupled with Electro- Stimulation 
IN362806 A Device for  Measuring the Infiltration Rate of Water Through Pervious Concrete 
IN356974 An Oral Pharmaceutcial Composition for  a lpha a mylase Inhibition
IN360738 A Method for  Detecting Objects In Space Using Lidar
IN359323 Media for  In Vitro Dissolution Testing of Polysaccharide Based Colon Targeted for mulations and Method Thereof 
IN366234 A Novel Method for  Water Quality Parameter Evaluation Using Machine Learning
IN365355 A Novel Double Fermentation Process for  Fruit Flavored Chocolate with a ntioxidant Properties 
IN367474 A Novel Method for  Energy Recovery from Waste Water
IN370963 An automatic Shielding Vehicle for  Protecting a  Vehicle
IN372347 A Board Game for  Increasing Concentration and Calculation Skills
IN375645 Novel Multi-Season Temperature Modulating Drinking Water Bottle 
IN374608 Machine Learning Enabled System for  Landslide Early Warning 
IN377587 Novel Seat Locator System for  Theatres and a uditoriums
IN382634 A Process for  Making Nanoformulation of Polypepetide K
IN354474 A Green Process for  Making a new Poymorph (Form N ) of Sucrose
IN387979 A Composition for  a nti Hyperlipidemic a ctivity
IN385961 A Novel Pharmaceutical for mulation for  a nti-Arthritic a ctivity
IN389028 Filtration a ssembly for  Wastewater Treatment
IPR Number  Title of IPR 
US11070354 System and Method of Generating a Symmetrical Balanced Output
AU2020102543 Iot Based Trust Modeling Approach for Cooperative Autonomous Driving and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
AU2020102837 A Method and System for Improving Wireless Sensor Network Using Fault Mitigation Technology 
AU2020102306 A Solar Energy Agro Sprayer System by Switch Control Mechanism for Yielder and Disability Farmer 
AU2020102250 An Artificial Intelligence and Iot Based Covid-19 Early Warning System for Senior Citizens 
AU2020102363 Spatio-Temporal Modeling Techniques for Predicting Covid-19 Infection Risk Through Wearable 
AU2020102228 A System for Detection of Corona Virus in Human Body Using Artificial Intelligence
AU2020102319 Method and System for Managing Social Distancing
AU2020103587 A System and a Method for Cross-Linguistic Automatic Speech Recognition
AU2020102315 Smart Washroom System
AU2020103647 Intelligent Shoe Rack
AU2020102150 An Artificial Intelligence Based System for Emotional Recognition
AU2020102726 A Safety System and Method for Tracking Or Monitoring Location and Health Parameters of User 
AU2020102569 A System and Method for Classifying Reptilian Images Using Convolutional Neural Network
AU2020104111 A Long Range Communication Based Quadcopter to Detect Faulty Electrical Transmission Lines 
AU2020104050 A Smart Uv Glove and System Thereof
AU2020104051 Kawach: An I0t Based Covid-19 Precaution and Hygiene Alert Device
AU2020104052 A Customized Add-On Device for Hand Wash Dispensing Units for Better Hygiene
AU2021107291 A Novel Air Purification System for Air-Conditioners Incuding Germicidal Features
AU2020104054 An Automatic UV Racket for Sanitization
AU2020104055 A Long Range Communication Based Quadcopter to Detect Faulty Electrical Transmission Lines 
AU2020104056 Novel Formulation of Psoralia Corylifolia Linn. Extract and Process Thereof
AU2020104057 A Smart Safety System for School Buses
AU2020104058 A Real Time Monitoring System for Pipelines Using Lora and Esp 32
AU2020104059 An Iot Based System for Intelligent Winter Road Maintenance in Hilly Area
AU2020104060 Novel Nanoformulation of Polypeptide-K
AU2020104061 A Smart Fire Hydrant System Based On Lora Communication
AU2020104062 Iot Based Solar Powered Agricultural Dyer System
AU2020104063 A Novel Pharmaceutical Formulation for Antiarthritic Activity
AU2021102817 Novel Formulations of 5-Flurouracil Against Diabetic Retinopathy and Process Thereof
AU2021102818 Novel Formulation of Polyherbal Ginger Tinsane and Process Thereof 
AU2021102819 A Laptop Accessory for Heat Dissipation
AU2021102820 Anti-Drowning System with Remote Alert
AU2021102821 Automated Elevator with Overload Alert
AU2021102848 Iot Enabled Solar Powered Aeration System
AU2021102849 A Smart Cotton Swab Dispensing Machine
AU2021102850 Real Time Connectivity and Location Monitoring System for Vehicular Emergency Using Iot
AU2021102851 An Iot Based System to Control An Automatic Speed Breaker
AU2021102852 A Smart Uv Based Almirah for Sterlization
AU2021102905 A Toothpick Sterlization Device
AU2021102906 A System for Monitoring Green Roof
AU2021102907 Motorized Adjustable and Transportable Kitchen Slab
AU2021102908 A System for Remote Controlled Skipping Rope for Exercise
AU2021103124 Novel Liposomal Formulation of Semecarpus Anacardium and Proces There Of
AU2021103125 Novel Formulation of Ropinirole Process Thereof
AU2021103126 Novel Apparatus for Simultneous Evaluation of Coginition, Motor Activity and Anxiety State of Rodents
AU2021103127 Drain Sewage Treatment System
AU2021103128 Smart Covid Clock
AU2021103129 A Novel Device to Derust Pipes From Inside
AU2021102812 A Novel Process for Recycling Tea (Camellia Sinensis) and Coffee (Coffea) Waste and its Use 
AU2021102813 A Protein Based Immunity Boosting Health Drink
AU2021102814 Surgical Trimmer with Surgery Tape Holder
AU2021102815 A Smart System for Oil Dispensing
AU2021102816 An Iot Based Composite Formation and Monitoring System
AU2021105843 A Method to Enhance Solubility of Glimepiride
AU2021105844 Chemical Free Biodegradable Sanitary Napkin
AU2021105845 Smart Bot for Stevia Protection From Weeds
AU2021105846 An Alert System for Early Biometric Attendance Marking
AU2021105847 Cloud Based Kiosk System for Assisting Candidates During Job Interview
AU2021105848 Vehicle Identification System for Curbing The Unauthorized Parking
AU2021105849 A System for Real Time Monitoring of Greenhouse Environment
AU2021105850 Smart Solar Energy Based Mobile Cover
AU2021105851 Iot Based Security Alert Pet Dog Collar
AU2021105852 A Novel Formultion for Treating Diabetes Mellitus
AU2021106231 A Novel Process for Increasing Shelf Life of Broths
AU2021106232 A Novel Process for Stabilization of Copper Nanoparticles
AU2021106233 Passive Smokers Mask
AU2021106234 Novel Liquisolid Composition of Fisetin
AU2021106235 A Novel Tiffin Box for Food Freshness
AU2021106236 Foot Over Bridge
AU2021106237 A Novel Elevator for Lifting Building Materials
AU2021106238 Novel Herbo-Mineral Formulation for Alopecia and Process Thereof
AU2021106239 A Novel Dual Device for Smoking and Steaming
AU2021106240 Rcc Surface Compactors
AU2021106631 A Purifying Smoking Mask
AU2021106632 Automated Tray Setup for Cattle Feeding
AU2021106633 Snow Free Roof
AU2021106634 Novel Composition of Herbal Toothpowder and Toothpaste
AU2021106635 Automatic Ph Adjusting Assembly with Entry Logging
AU2021106636 Agricultural Seeding Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
AU2021106637 Novel Composition of Fisetin Nanosuspension and Process Thereof
AU2021106638 Novel Solution of Pongamia Pinnata Against Diarrhoea and Ulcer
AU2021106639 Novel Formulation of Imipramine and Aspirin for Neuropathic Pain
AU2021106640 Novel Polyherbal Hydroalcoholic Formulation for Asthma, Common Cold and to Modulate Immunity 
AU2021104999 A Real-Time Road Temperature Monitoring System in a Hilly Area
AU2021105000 An Iot Enabled System for Airbags Implementation in Two-Wheeler Vehicles
AU2021105001 Shocker Based Auto Levelling Patient Stretcher
AU2021105002 An Iot System for Floating Gardens to Monitor Soil Parameter
AU2021105003 Automated Event Recorder for Car
AU2021105004 An Iot Based Ration Dispensing System Through Fingerprint Recognition
AU2021105005 Self-Actuated Switch Using Iot
AU2021105006 An Iot Based Vehicle Speed Alert Indicator System
AU2021105007 An Iot Enabled Heavy Vehicle Detection System for Restricted Area
AU2021105008 A Detachable Face Mask Patch to Monitor The Body Temperature
AU2021105009 An Iot Based Interactive Lcd Home Roof System
AU2021105010 A Casting Process to Develop Porous Foam Materials
AU2021105011 An Iot and Low Power Wide Area Network (Lpwan) Based Monitoring System for Vineyards
AU2021105012 A Smart Handle Based On Internet of Things
AU2021105013 An Iot Based Wireless Fencing
AU2021105014 An Emission Pass Module Based Nfc Card for Pollution Control in a Vehicle
AU2021105015 System and Method for Secure Electronic Voting
AU2021105016 A Gas Leakage Detection Device for Gas Stove
AU2021105017 A Smart Automated Curtain Control System for Class Rooms
AU2021105018 Portable Disinfectant Device
AU2021105067 Smart Highway Poles for Emergency Services Using Network
AU2021105068 Iot Based Solar Powered Agricultural Dyer System
AU2021105069 Drain Sewage Treatment System
AU2021105070 A Device to Control Barrier At Pedestrian Level Crossing and Traffic Signal
AU2021105071 A Method to Integrate and Implement Blockchain Enabled Lean Six Sigma
AU2021106716 Novel Surface Modified Lipid Based Nano-Composition of 5- Flurouracil and Process Thereof
AU2020104399 An Artificial Intelligence Based System for Clinical Investigation of Glaucoma in Color
Bottle Neck Cap Assembly
IPR Number: IN353450
Improved Oral Target Drug Delivery System
IPR Number: IN325490
Device for Measuring Previous Concrete
IPR Number: IN362806
A Plug Gauge
IPR Number: IN352954
Drilling Machine and a Method of Drilling
IPR Number: IN291173
Novel Sugar Free Asva Formulation
IPR Number: IN317368
Automatic Shielding Vehicle
IPR Number: IN370963
A Novel Method for Water Quality Parameter
IPR Number: IN366234
Flying Farmer


How we help our researchers..
Research Excellence Awards
Research Excellence Awards are presented to the achievers during Teachers day celebration every year. In "A++" category, Research Excellence Award comprises, one week's visit to any International University in the top 200 Universities (as per THE/QS ranking). In the Research Appreciation Award, "A+" category composed of a cash award of Rs. 50000, "A" category is composed of a cash award of Rs. 40000, "B++" category includes a cash award of Rs. 30000, and "B+: has a cash award of Rs. 10000. Two more awards University is offering, Research Impact Award (Citations) has a cash award of Rs. 10000, University Research Funding Award comprises Research Grant from external funding agency more than or equal to 1crore INR but up to 3 crores INR , cash award of Rs. 50000 and Research Grant from external funding agency more than or equal to 3 crores INR has the award of 1 Week visit (including travel dates) to any one International University in top 200 Universities.
University Scholarly Communication Grant (USCG)
The goals of USCG are to foster greater dissemination of the work of LPU Scholars, Showcase intellectual productivity of the University across the world and to support innovative models of scholarly publishing. This grant is available to LPU community where in University shares the article processing charges for publishing papers in journals of repute. (Journals indexed in WoS/Scopus).
Travel Grant
LPU is committed to increase the exposure of its faculty and staff by encouraging them to attend national and international conferences, collaborative research work, workshops, seminars and symposia for their professional growth and excellence. University provides support to its research community by providing them travel grant, which can be up to 40000 INR, to meet the expenses of attending research related events.
Monetary benefits to principal investigator of sponsored research projects
Principal and co-investigators of the externally sponsored research projects are provided 25% of overhead charges as well relaxation in the teaching load.
Leave point
The research contribution of the LPU faculty helps them to earn leave points which can be availed as leaves for attending research and academic related events.