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Our International Tie-Ups across the globe provide opportunities to the students to visit institutions under various Study abroad programmes.

Semester Exchange/Abroad Programme

Under Semester exchange student spends full semester at partner foreign university. After studying for a semester at a partner University the student gets his/her credits transferred back to LPU

Under Semester Abroad a student spends a full semester with a partner university. As semester at a partner university can be of two types:

  • Scholarship Semester Abroad
  • Paid Semester Abroad

Under tuition fee waived semester the student pays only the tuition fees of the home university and does not pay tuition fees of the host university.

Under tuition paid semester the student pays tuition fee of home as well as Host University.

This opportunity can be availed by student who have completed one year of study at home university. Other expenses relating to VISA, Accommodation (where applicable), food and any other charges of home or host institute have to borne by the student.

Benefits of Semester Exchange/ Abroad Programme

  • Students get to study abroad for a full term with a University Abroad
  • Study abroad program is the best opportunity to see the world and learn about different culture and environment
  • Acquire Language skills and other soft skills that can be learnt only through practical immersion.
  • Awareness and adoption of alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning.

Opportunities Available under Semester Exchange

S.No. Country Opportunities available
1 USA 14
2 Canada 8
3 Australia 2
4 France 18
5 Lithuania 16
6 Czech Republic 3
7 Romania 1
8 Austria 2
9 Spain 2
10 Israel 10
11 Malaysia 2
12 S.Korea 9
13 Bulgaria 5
14 Latvia 2
15 Sweden 2

Eligibility and Other Requirements

  • 6.5 above CGPA
  • No backlog
  • No reappearances
  • A valid Passport with more than six months of expiry
  • An offer letter from Partner foreign University
  • English Proficiency test (if Required)
  • Sufficient funds to manage visa, airfare and living expenses

Procedure for Semester Exchange/ Abroad Programme

To Avail the opportunity of Semester Exchange/ Abroad. The following are the needful:

  1. Regularly check your UMS for daily up gradation of opportunities posted by Division of International Affairs at LPU
  2. For credit transfer policy please refer to you University Management System (UMS)
  3. Pay application charges as per policy to sit for interview. The selector’s panel will include Head of School, Head of the department from the particular school of the applicant and one official from Division of International Affairs of the rank of Assistant Director or above.
  4. After being shortlisted by the panel, the shortlisted applicants would get their assessment be done by Head of the division of International Affairs.
  5. The nominated students profile would be sent the university applying to and the final verdict would be of the university applying to.

Students that have been to foreign universities