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Career Enhancement Initiatives

Lovely Professional University has a multi-layered approach to enhancement abilities of students in terms of skills and career. Students have been provided with multiple platforms at the level of departments and schools, through Centre for Professional Enhancement (CPE) which culminate at Division of Student Relationship (DSR).

Objectives of career enhancement initiatives are to enhance students’ capabilities as per the career requirements, to create awareness and motivate to acquire add on skills other than their subject.

The vision is to provide best in class training to our students in order to become a preferred partner for employers seeking top talent across the globe.

The mission is to engage and enable our students for placements by creating meaningful learning platforms aimed at building skills and competency in order to ensure their holistic growth.

To achieve the above referred goals following initiatives are undertaken:

Guidance for Competitive Exam
  • Lovely Professional University has been taking efforts to prepare the students for central and state competitive examinations as well as to get entrance into undergraduate and post graduate professional courses.
  • To achieve the same on regular basis special coaching lectures, seminars, counselling sessions are organized by the experts. These inputs are largely divided into credited and non-credited inputs.
  • The syllabi of credited inputs are mapped with various competitive exams like GATE, Bank- PO, UGC-NET, SSC, UPSC, CSIR – NET. Non-Credited inputs include practice tests in collaboration with AMCAT, Co-Cubes, Bulls Eye, MyPerfectice.
  • Also the sessions are arranged internally with the Head of the respective School and experts from reputed institutions which contribute in motivating students to appear for test and help aspirants to clear doubts.
  • Apart from that to cater placement requirements, inputs are designed as per company specific requirements or as per the requirement of students.
  • Division of Student Welfare also has established centre through Third party like ALS Academy, Career Launcher and GATE Academy etc. for conduct of regular on campus competitive coaching classes.
Career Counselling
  • University includes Career counselling as an integral part of teaching as most of the times it is a major part of anxiety for students and they crave for expert guidance and career counselling.
  • The trainings, external and internal workshops are arranged by various schools and divisions of the university in collaboration with various industry/academia leaders to help in providing roadmap to aspiring young minds of the University and provide them insights of the industry and the skills required to be successful in their future endeavours.
Soft Skills Development
  • To improve interpersonal skills and hone placement ability, credited and non-credited inputs of soft skills are taught in the university.
  • Credit inputs target modules targets placement by concentrating on attitude reconstruction, aspiration building, presentation skills, critical thinking, group discussions, interview Skills, digital presentations, critical thinking, channelizing emotional intelligence and stress management.
  • The non- credited inputs consist of a plethora of “out of classroom” activities like events, workshops, skills building sessions.
  • Adding to these the students are also exposed to mock interviews, weekend engagements sessions focusing on the soft skill inputs with experiential learning activities to make them more aware and comfortable with the skills being imparted.
Remedial Coaching
  • University facilitates the students who have trouble in clearing their courses, through remedial classes which are non-mandatory and conducted before the regular exams and re-appear exams where students can clarify their doubts and take help of the subject teacher.
  • These classes help the academically weaker students to realize their weakness and help them to improve on their fronts.
  • Also, summer term classes and peer to peer learning engagements are organized to cater the needs of students.
  • Furthermore inputs which are important from placement perspective are offered to students before the start of placement hiring season to enhance their employability.
Language Lab
  • Lovely Professional University has a modern Language Laboratory with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to aid in imparting language skills.
  • University has maintained a lab equipped with up to date software of English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese etc.
  • The basic purpose of the lab is to provide students a platform to enhance English Language Skills, Communication Skills and to practice Soft Skills.
Bridge Courses
  • Lovely Professional University offer courses to bridge the gap between the expected level from the students and students’ competency after studying Pre University-level classes.
  • These courses provide adequate foundation in the core applied science subjects and language so that students do not face any difficulty once the classes are commenced.
  • University offers courses like Remedial Mathematics to UG Students of School of Pharmacy and English Language Proficiency for Non–English Speaking Countries in order to cater students in their required academic spheres.
Yoga and Meditation
  • Lovely Professional University has been running program, Session and Seminar on health and yoga, which help students, faculty and staff to enable them to endure the potential stress associated with life.
  • Department of Physical Education run courses on Yoga Education as credited input, which provide basic knowledge and technique of yoga asanas. In addition, various School and Division of the University offer workshops, sessions and seminars on health and yoga which are open to students as well as staff from time to time.
  • Yoga room are made open for all the staff and students around the year for hosting Self-help group session, workshop etc.
Personal Counselling
  • University has a multi-layered approach to address students' queries related to academic and non-academic matters. If student encounters a problem; he/she first approaches School Academic Counselor/HOD/COD/HOS at the School level.
  • If the queries raised by the students are not getting resolved at school level, then it gets upraised to the next level i.e. Division of Student Relationship (DSR) for redressing. Henceforth, the Varsity ensures a proper hierarchy in addressing the queries of students while maintaining accountability of the highest order.

Systems and Procedures:

  • To cater above referred needs of the students, University has appropriate systems at different levels. Every department has appointed class mentors who regularly interact with students and solve the problem of students and gives relevant suggestions or arrange session. At the level of schools Academic Counselor under the guidance of HOD and HOS also help students.
  • Apart from the above a separate school wing is established for professional enhancement of the students which is consisted of faculty members who teach Verbal Ability, Analytical Skills and Soft Skills. Faculty members of Verbal Ability caters language needs of the students through credited inputs, placement sessions, competitions, events and short term programs; Faculty members of Soft Skills takes care of placement preparation, life skills and overall personality development through regular classes, non-credited inputs, workshops, events, clubs etc.; Faculty members of Analytical Skills facilitates students in quant, logic and aptitude by giving credited inputs, placement preparatory classes, by organizing competitions, by launching series of tests etc.
  • All the above referred system culminates at DSR and DSW. These divisions are custodian of all out of the class activities, competitions and events (inter-university, state, national and international), counseling sessions, special sessions, workshops etc.