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People from Industry (In job or Retired) may join full time, part time or visiting faculty.


  • 3500+  staff.
  • Diversity- Staff from all the states of India.
  • Faculty from top Institutions of India and abroad.
  • Pay Scale at par with the best in the sector.
  • International Tie ups with 50+ foreign Universities for Faculty exchange.
  • Excellent Teaching, Learning and Research Environment.
  • Immense opportunities to learn and grow faster than your colleagues working elsewhere.
  • Opportunities for the staff to take up responsibilities in various roles early in their careers to groom them as potential leaders at various levels.
  • Mediclaim Insurance/Accidental Insurance/ESI Benefits for staff
  • Travel Grants for National and International conferences.
  • Incentives for publishing in indexed journals such as Scopus/WoS.
  • Incentives on Funded Projects.
  • Support for IPR filing and Commercialization.
  • Revenue sharing on Consultancy Projects.
  • Provision for Post Doc Fellowships.
  • Seed money for initiation of research work.
  • Multidisciplinary Projects Grants.
  • Support in article processing charges for publishing papers/articles in journals of repute.
  • Research appreciation awards including international visits.
  • Provision to do Doctorate, M.Phil, M.Tech and other such programmes.



LPU Faculty received their doctorate degrees (Ph.Ds.) from His Excellency, Sh. Pranab Mukherjee on 8th University Convocation held on 2nd May 2017. Hailing from various academic disciplines, scholars achieved their feats, while as a part of the LPU family.
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Human Resource Development Centre

The HRDC on campus aims at providing excellent professional Development opportunities to staff members across the campus, assisting them in reaching their full potential through learning. Read More
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LPU has created a rich research environment that fosters innovation, inspires the faculty and students to undertake focused research, making it one of the leading research intensive universities in India and the world. Read More
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Staff Welfare

The staff members (other than those covered under ESI) are covered under Medicliam Insurance. The policy provide for benefits of Hospitalization, Day-Care surgeries and Cashless Treatment. ESI covered staff are covered for full medical care for self and dependants. Additionally all the staff members of the University are covered by Group Personal Accident Insurance. All these benefits are available from day one of the services.
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Health Care

A fully equipped on campus hospital, staffed with well qualified doctors, nurses, lab technicians, physiotherapists , provides healthcare services to the University residents. Read More
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Tuition Fee waiver

50% tuition fee waiver to staff members for self-study and 25% tuition fee waiver for their dependents to persue regular, part time courses at LPU. The waiver is also available for IT/Management programmes offered in distance education mode.
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Relationship Management System

The University has a well-defined online mechanism by the name of RMS (Relationship Management System) to ensure effective and timely handling of the grievances, queries, suggestions of the staff in transparent manner.
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Lovely IVY World Pre-Primary School

An on-campus pre-primary school for children of the staff up to the age of 10 years with day care and Creche facilities.
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Security and Safety

A dedicated team of professional security officers and personnel is there to provide safe and secure environment to the staff and students. Read More
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On campus Residential Facilities

The University offers safe and comfortable residential services to its staff members at subsidized rates ranging from bachelor single room accommodations to Family Apartments with attached washroom, kitchen, dining and lobby. Read More
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Uni Hotel

The 25 room Uni Hotel, nestled in the heart of LPU provides all the luxuries and modern conveniences of full service hotel including first class dining.
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Uni Mall

The university has a multi-storey air-conditioned cosmopolitan style Uni-Mall housing departmental stores, shops of daily needs, a network of banks, food courts, shops in branded apparels, lifestyle accessories, electronic gadgets (computers, laptops), books, stationary, sports, optical, photo studio, beauty parlour, boutiques and other related services areas, including café Coffee day, Dominos, Apple Showroom, Gaming Zone, Bowling alley etc. Read More
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Food Courts and Kiosks

A varied range of Food Kiosks, Cafes, Canteens, Juice bars, Snack Bars, Coffee bars and Terrace cafes to suit the tastes of the diverse community of staff and staff on the campus. Read More
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Transport Facility

A dedicated fleet of busses for staff and students to travel from nearby cities. The staff can avail the facility at subsidized rates. Read More
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Banking Services

The University campus has branches of five nationalized banks, 50+ ATMs at various sites, and mobile ATM running across the campus throughout the day for the convenience of the staff and students. Read More
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Postal Services

Post office on the campus caters to all the postal needs of staff and students like mail, parcel, speed post, money transfer etc. Read More
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Gymnasium for Health and Fitness

The university provides a state-of-the-art gymnasium with world class fitness equipment from Cybex, USA and specialized spaces for yoga training, cardio and weight training along with steam and sauna rooms.

Share the Vision and Sanidhya

“Share the Vision”, a mega annual conference, brings the management and the staff together to plan for the future, followed by recognition of the services of the staff through association awards in “Sanidhya”, and various cultural and sports events organised to ease the staff and evolve team spirit.

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Association Awards

Five Years, Ten Years and Fifteen Years Association Awards are given to faculty and staff members on completion of the required tenure in the University. A short film, made on each such member of LPU, is screened at the annual event to which their family members are invited and honoured.
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Annual Conference

Annual Conference is a platform shared by the university management, faculty and staff to discuss and create road maps for reviewing the achievements of goals during the year and setting new goals for the future to realize the Vision of the University.

Staff Activities

Activities On the first day of "Sanidhya", the faculty and staff are engaged in a host of activities including various fun games, pot luck lunch, having good time together to bring better understanding among the staff who may otherwise never meet each other because of the vask ness of the University.

Staff Activities

We at LPU celebrate and share the joys of employees.
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Newly wedded Staff Ceremony

A ceremony for the newly wedded staff members is also arranged by the university.

Monthly Birthday Celebrations

Each month the university celebrates the birthdays of employees whose birthdays fall in that month.
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New born baby Ceremony

A biannual celebration is organised for the staff members who are blessed with a baby and are presented with a gift.