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LPU researchers won a huge research grant worth 10.8 Millions through Indo Canadian Impact project from DBT, GOI

Industry Sponsored & Collaborated Labs

LPU has various industry partnerships aimed at promoting research.


Provide training to students in CCNA as per academy standards.



Oracle University offers certifications like OCP, OCA etc. for different oracle products through Oracle Cloud services.



Tie-up for joint MBA & BBA ‘Financial Market’ (FM) programs that provide practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the finance market.



Industry sponsored lab helps students to learn advanced automotive/powertrain technologies.



University collaborated with EMC2 for advance career in storage and information management.



VLSI lab with Cadence (leading provider of EDA and semiconductor IP) builds technical and research skills.



Led by Stanford and Cambridge alumni, Safeducate brings international operational know-how of the supply chain logistics.


Microsoft Imagine Academy

Basic fundamentals and advanced concepts of IT to sustain in industry.

LPU Faculty Research Scholars


LPU Faculty received their doctorate degrees (Ph.Ds.) from His Excellency, Sh. Pranab Mukherjee on 8th University Convocation held on 2nd May 2017. Hailing from various academic disciplines, scholars achieved their feats, while as a part of the LPU family.

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Research @ LPU

Research Papers

Hundreds Published in Scopus Indexed Journals

OVER 700 Publication Last Year

Lovely Professional University is committed to excelling in research and development in all the disciplines. Let the record speak for itself!

Our Publication Record
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1 2013 358
2 2014 425
3 2015 705

Intellectual Property Development

LPU is doing novel research in various fields. Give it a look...
Open Imagination

Square Hole Drilling Machine


A drilling machine consisting of a drill chuck, a floating head with a tool holder attached to the chuck, a guide 5 fixed to the pillar of the machine to guide the tool to cut a desired profile and a work-piece holder having a work piece and attached to the base of the machine.

Open Imagination

Media for invitro dissolution testing of polysaccharide based colon targeted formulations and method thereof


The present invention discloses a novel, probiotic based dissolution media for in vitro testing of drug release from colon specific polysaccharide based formulations comprising a mixture of nutrition sources and specific polysaccharide digesting microbe(s) added externally.

Open Imagination

Sugar Free Draksha Asava


Sugar free Draksha Asava is completely herbal fermented liquid preparation. It is free from sugars while it contains not more than 10% and not more than 3% of self generated alcohol. It has therapeutic value for piles, tastelessness, heart diseases, and many other diseases.

Open Imagination

SITABY: The Posture Proctor


Sitting is bliss to the human; it is posture which is most widely used by the people for work, travel, dinning, and entertainment. The correct posture affects our body systems a lot. SitAby is going to be a game changer in stance correction, ailment eradication and habit breaking of erroneous sitting.

Open Imagination

Improved coal tar formulation for treatment of dandruff and other scalp diseases and its method of preparation thereof

IN2764/DEL/2013 WO2015040637A1

The invention pertains to an improved, coal tar aqueous formulation and its method of preparation thereof. The formulation comprises coal tar, water and emulsifiers as the major ingredients. It offers distinct advantages of enhanced efficacy in treatment of diseases of scalp.

Open Imagination

Electric Shock Alarm System


This invention relates to prevent human beings from getting an electric shock by touching metal body of an appliance having a leakage current.The present invention uses an electronic circuit consisting of a bridge rectifier to drive a small speaker which works on DC and an LED to indicate the contact of phase with the metal body in case of any leakage.

Open Imagination



Bag-O-Moto is a simple collapsible and foldable gadget capable of easy movement within large campuses of Organisations or Universities where people are required to carry loads up to 15 Kg. The person can also ride the gadget alongwith the load strapped on to the gadget.

Open Imagination

Improved Oral Targeted Drug Delivery System

IN2220/DEL/2010 WO2012035561A2

The present invention discloses an Improved Oral Targetted Drug Delivery System (O-TDDS) particularly suited for delivery of drugs having activity against the diseases located in the colon e.g. colon cancer, ulcerative colitis, protozoal infections.

Open Imagination



The composition consists of an extract of at least one herb, bos indicus, and metallic nanoparticle. In one aspect, the at least one herb may comprise a terminalia arjuna, an allium sativum, a garcinia indica, a tamarindus indica, a cassia fistula, an elettaria cardamomum a glycyrrhiza glabra and alike. In another aspect, the metallic nanoparticle may comprise a gold nanoparticle, a silver nanoparticle, a copper or copper oxide nanoparticle, a zinc nanoparticle, an iron or iron oxide nanoparticle, and combination thereof.

Open Imagination



Disclosed is a plug gauge (100) for inspecting a diameter of a hole (402). In one embodiment, the plug gauge (100) comprises a first truncated cone (102), a second truncated cone (104), and a central bar (106) connecting the first truncated cone (102) and the second truncated cone (104). Further, the first truncated cone (102) and the second truncated cone (104) comprise a scale engraved on their lateral surface. During operation, at least one of the first truncated cone (102) and second truncated cone (104) is inserted in the hole (402) for inspecting the diameter of the hole (402).

Open Imagination



A method to increase the rate of enzymatic saccharification of biomass by electro-stimulation maintained inside the fungal co-cultures of lignin peroxidase and endo and exoglucanase and β-glucosidase producing strains of fungus. It maybe be understood that the electro-stimulation of enzymatic hydrolysis effects the enzyme based degradation of lingo-cellulose by increasing the pore size of biomass under the effect of phononic vibration of electric current

Open Imagination



A wearable device that provides a technological solution for overcoming the procrastination habit or problem which people tend to have while executing their exercise related daily routine. It may be understood that the wearable device ensures that the people should follow their exercise routine commitments, which are made earlier in the day or night. In one embodiment, the wearable device is a bracelet that may be wore around a wrist or an ankle. The wearable device comprising a Bluetooth™, a power source, a lockin motor, a vibrator, a beeper, and an Arduino controller. In order to overcome the procrastination habit, the wearable device is communicatively coupled with a smart phone.

Open Imagination



Disclosed is a monitoring system for monitoring hygiene level of food items kept in storage units such as refrigerators. The monitoring system comprises a plurality of sensors that monitors gases released from the spoiled food. After processing sensory information, captured from the plurality sensors, the monitoring system notifies a user on his/her smart phone about the degrading quality of the food items. In one aspect, the user may be notified in form of graphs and percentage, informing about the quality of the food items. In this manner the monitoring system, based on the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices with the plurality of sensors, improves the efficiency of the food items preservation in the storage units.

Open Imagination



Disclosed is a method for preparing a microsphere. The method comprises melting Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and Chitin together to form a molten PEG-Chitin mixture. The method further comprises, adding propylene glycol in the molten PEG-Chitin mixture to form a PEG-Chitin-propylene glycol mixture. Further, the method comprises dispersing Ornidazole particles in the PEG-Chitin-propylene glycol mixture to form an Ornidazole-PEG-Chitin-propylene glycol mixture and forming a liquid paraffin mixture of a heavy liquid paraffin and a light liquid paraffin. Furthermore, the method comprises stirring a thin film of the Ornidazole-PEG-Chitin-propylene glycol mixture into the liquid paraffin mixture until a pre-defined time period for preparing a microsphere suspended in the liquid paraffin mixture.

Open Imagination



A biodegradable sachet for cleaning delicate clothes which includes detergent with fragrance and anti bacterial/ antifungal compounds

Open Imagination



A biofilter to remove permanent hardness from water. The technology is very simple and cost effective.

Sponsored Projects

In collaboration with the industry & governments.

Corrosion Auditing

To carry out in situ corrosion auditing in oil & gas pipelines by implementing suitable economic methods to control corrosion

Novel Heterocyclic Scaffolds

Designing & combining components to Formulate the Novel Heterocyclic Scaffolds as potential anti-diabetic agents to reduce toxicity.

Self-focusing ultra-short pulses

By using strong focused laser profiles for producing exciting nonlinear phenomena, like harmonic generation, soft-x-ray in plasma under density transition.


Self nano emulsifying drug delivery systems formulates polypeptide-k, an oral phytoinsulin for the treatment of diabetes mellitus as an alternative to insulin.

Bi-layer Therapeutic System

Developing nano carrier bi-layer therapeutic system to ensure transportation of drug molecules to the affected area for the treatment of nail diseases.

molecule investigation

Analysing the transfer of radiations from cosmic objects using the collisional rate coefficients of H2CS and H2CC molecules.

Training for Ancillary Staff


Innovative low-cost green technology for treatment of wastewater discharging into tributaries and rivers.


Research conferences are a continuum at LPU
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International Conference on Strategies for Global competitiveness and Economic growth

Dissemination of contemporary research on a wide range of strategic issues related to global competitiveness of business and holistic growth of economies.

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NICHE – Neo International Conference on Habitable Environments

The NICHE II – 2015 conference’s principle aim was to examine and observe how we can shift towards welfare and equity within habitable environment.

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Prospects and competitive challenges in Global Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Aimed to discuss challenges in global hospitality and tourism industry.

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Shannon 100- 3rd international conference on computing sciences

Propose new technologies, share experiences and discuss future solutions for design infrastructure for ICT.

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5th Nursing conference

To review the needs of today's nursing, updates in practices and workstations to learn the skills & technological aspects required during care of sick patients.

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EBAS- Conference on Exploring Basic and Applied Science

To share knowledge and applications of basic and applied sciences to future generation frontiers in order to meet the challenges being faced by society.

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Emerging opportunities in pharmacy profession

The aim of the conference was to increase awareness regarding the different opportunities available for the pharmacy professionals

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Recent Trends in Pharma Industry: Bridging the Gaps in Pharmaceutical Education

To discuss crucial matters concerning innovative technologies used in drug delivery and diagnostics budding in the area of pharmaceutical sciences.

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4th Nursing Conference on Emergency & Resuscitation

In order to educate the nursing students of the state about management of emergency and resuscitation cases.

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Shaping a Future Classroom: A Global Perspective

This conference aimed recent system of education, future education, shaping future class room and its various aspects

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Turing100-International Conference on Computing Sciences

Conducted in collaboration with IEEE, INNS & CRSI . To discuss practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the broad area of computing Sciences

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Wilkes100-International Conference on Computing Sciences

Conducted in collaboration with INNS, ACRS & Elsevier. To celebrate the birth centenary of father of British computing and discuss real world problems and solutions in the area of computing.

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Bhartiya Vigyan Sammelan

BVS is a collaborative effort of Vijnana Bharti (VIBHA) with Lovely Professional University and Punjab Technology University with the theme Science for Global Development.

Research Enablement

How we help our researchers..

Research Excellence Awards

Research Excellence Awards are presented to the achievers during Teachers day celebration every year. LPU Chancellor Award of cash incentive Rs. 1 lakh is awarded to 5 faculty members, LPU Pro Chancellor Award of cash incentive Rs.50,000 is awarded to 10 faculty members, LPU Vice Chancellor Award of cash incentive Rs.25,000 is awarded to 20 faculty members and LPU Young Researcher Award of cash incentive Rs.10,000 is awarded to 20 faculty members

University Scholarly Communication Grant (USCG)

The goals of USCG are to foster greater dissemination of the work of LPU Scholars, Showcase intellectual productivity of the University across the world and to support innovative models of scholarly publishing. This grant is available to LPU community where in University shares the article processing charges for publishing papers in journals of repute. (Journals indexed in WoS/Scopus).

Travel Grant

LPU is committed to increase the exposure of its faculty and staff by encouraging them to attend national and international conferences, collaborative research work, workshops, seminars and symposia for their professional growth and excellence. University provides support to its research community by providing them travel grant, which can be up to 40000 INR, to meet the expenses of attending research related events.

Monetary benefits to principal investigator of sponsored research projects

Principal and co-investigators of the externally sponsored research projects are provided 25% of overhead charges as well relaxation in the teaching load.

Leave point

The research contribution of the LPU faculty helps them to earn leave points which can be availed as leaves for attending research and academic related events.

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