Key Features

  • Separate Residential Facility for boys and girls
  • With and Without AC rooms
  • Wi-Fi System
  • Dedicated Power Hotlines
  • Hygienic Mess Services
  • 24 x 7 Medical Services
  • Laundry Service
  • Gymnasium
  • Parking Facility at designated places only.
LPU have world’s largest residential facilities with capacity for more than 18000 students. The university provides magnificent and comprehensive range of facilities within the university campus, separately for boys and girls. We understand that most of our students are moving away from home for the first time, so we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible by providing comfortable, safe and homely set-up within the campus. All the rooms have been designed to provide adequate moving space with ample air and light.

The university has a wide range of accommodation options and most students find that these options suit their needs. There are rooms ranging from Standard Rooms to Apartments and students can opt for a room as per their convenience and choice.

Residential Facilities

  • Residential facility is permitted on annual basis to students admitted for regular programmes for the duration of regular academic session.
  • All rights to allocate the Residential facility are reserved with the university and permission can be denied to any student. No student shall be entitled to claim this facility as a matter of right.
  • Residential facility will be offered on First Come First Serve basis, with provision for reservation for special category of student(s) such as those admitted for residential or specific programme or admitted in Hons programme or from distant places or on the basis of academic/ sports/ cultural/ co-curricular or other performances or as decided otherwise by the university.
  • The location of the Residential facility, floor and room pattern are subject to change from time to time.
  • Residential facility will be provided till the end of the regular academic session including regular exams or 10 months from the start of session, whichever is earlier. Students can come and join two days prior to start of academic session and will be required to vacate Residential room/ apartment within two days after regular exams. For availing Residential facility after the end of academic session for any purpose like summer school/reappear examination/ make up examination/PEP/ EEP classes etc., additional proportionate Residential fee (Residence) will have to be paid by the student, subject to the availability and permission of Residential facility.
  • Residential fee (Residence) as mentioned below is for the academic session 2015-2016 and is subject to change for successive sessions.
  • Unless otherwise specified, Residential facility(s) once chosen like Air Conditioned facility etc. will not be changed during the academic session.
  • Residential Fee (Residence) includes the fee for accommodation (boarding and lodging), geyser cooler or AC (as opted), and electricity (free units as mentioned below), generator and maintenance for light load.
  • Electricity used in excess of permissible light load will be charged on actual basis. In case of shared room or apartment i.e. 2, 3, 4 seater etc., usages of electricity units will be calculated on per room basis and shared equally among all the occupants of the room.

Basic Facilities

Below are the residential facilities available depending on the room pattern/ category allotted:

  • Separate residential facility for boys and girls within the campus
  • Standard rooms as well as Apartments available.
  • Quality Laundry Services are available in the University Campus at 2950 for academic session.(optional)
  • Rooms with attached washroom, bed (without mattress), table, chair, and almirahs except in certain dormitory rooms.
  • Air cooler / Air Conditioner facility in each room (as opted). Arrangement for power supply through dedicated 24 hours hotlines
  • Geyser in each room to provide hot water in winters (scheduled timings) for two hours per room every day or as decided by the university.
  • Free internet connectivity through Wi-Fi system for scheduled timing for academic purposes only and subject to conditions.
  • In campus Hospital with ambulance to provide medical assistance to students
  • Power backup for light load only (not for AC/Geyser/Air cooler).
  • Mess facility with vegetarian meals only.
  • 50+ATMs of 6 nationalized banks, and Post Office facilities for money transfer, speed post, etc.
  • Study room, TV room, Saloon, Photocopy Machines, Departmental store for daily needs, Cafeteria, Wending Machine (soft drinks) and Lifts facility.
  • Uni Mall and 150 eating joints at 40 different locations.
  • Parking two wheeler/car facility at designated places only (optional on payment basis).
  • Gymnasium (optional on payment basis)

Life @ Residential Facilities provided by LPU

Events and Activities
To make the stay of the students a pleasant one, they are constantly involved by organizing various celebrations, events and activities likes cultural activities, sports, debates and declamations.

Various competitions are organized where students from different residential inns compete with each other. Apart from this, various clubs and forums work inside the residential facilities providing the students opportunities to develop certain skills in their fields of interest and inculcating in them a sense of regular practice and discipline.

In addition, the residential facilities also have counsellors who are there to solve the problems of students in context of family issues, studies, home sickness etc. These counsellors, who provide ready tips on how to tackle these everyday stressful situations, are regarded as best friends by the students. Also for counseling and psychological support, the university offers on campus Counselling and Psychological Support Services.
Click here to view more details of Counselling and Psychological Support Services.

Safety and Security
The university ensures the safety and security of the students in the residential facility through a dedicated team of security officers and personnel. There are security guards who take care that proper decorum is maintained in the campus and assist the students in case of any emergency. Also 1000+ CCTVs have been installed in the campus for continuous surveillance.

Apartment Fee

Seating/ Apartment Category
Fee Structure (in )
Free Electricity unit per seat per session
For Boys For Girls
Allotment in Apartment with 2/3/4 rooms 4 seater (shared apartment) 79500 79500 375
3 seater (shared apartment) 79500 79500 500
2 seater (shared apartment) 92500 89500 750
1 seater (shared apartment) 102500 99500 1000
Allotment in One Room Apartment 3 seater (independent apartment) 92500 92500 500
2 seater (independent apartment) 102500 102500 750
1 seater (independent apartment) 132500 132500 1000

Note: If a student has opted for 4 seater and due to any reason he/ she leaves 4 seater in between or opts for 3 seater/ 2 seater/ 1 seater then the entitled units will be distributed amongst the students staying there. For example, in 4 seater if 3 students are staying then they will be entitled for 375*3= 1125 units and excess units will be divided amongst the students and will be paid by them accordingly.

Residential Facility Fee

Fee for Residential facility for Academic session 2015-2016
Room Category  Dormitory*
4 Seater
3 Seater
2 Seater
1 Seater
Air Cooled
Air Conditioned
Air Cooled Air Conditioned  Air Cooled Air Conditioned  Air Cooled Air Conditioned 
Fee (in ) (For Boys) 28000 43500 53500 53500 63500 67500 82500 82500 102500
Fee (in ) (For Girls) 28000 43500 53500 49500 59500 64500 79500 79500 99500
Free Electricity units per seat per session 200 375 375 500 500 750 750 1000 1000
Laundry Charges
2950/- (Optional)
*Allocation of exact Dormitory Room (with/ without attached washroom) will be done at the time of joining/ reporting at the university only.

Why Residential Facility at University campus is preferred to PG or Rented Accommodations?

Lovely Professional University is dedicated towards building a strong bond with parents. We believe that the parents and the university walking hand in hand can work wonders for making their child/ward feel at home during his/her period of study. The university keeps informing its students regularly about their performance in all areas through University Management System. However, we still feel that the parents should also be updated about different facilities on campus offered in the University for Better Performance of their wards.

In this context, we want to share with you that our experience in the past few years has shown that some of the students do not opt for residential facility on campus and prefer to look for other options like PG/rented accommodation. It is also experienced that students generally push their parents to allow them to stay outside the university in privately owned rooms (PG) or shared accommodation, which apart from its safety concerns may make them prone to temptation of some social evil, which at their young age appears to be very attractive but leads to harmful effects in the long term. Analysis of our placement data also shows that students residing in the safe environ of the campus have an edge in placements over those living outside as they are able to concentrate on their studies and skill development more while living in hostels.

There may be a wrong belief that PG living as compared to university residential accommodation is cheaper. However, when all costs are taken into detailed consideration, it is proved that PG living in fact is costlier and time consuming as it involves commuting up and down on daily basis. For your convenience, a comparison has been drawn to help you understand it in a better way:

Click here for More Details

Laundry Facility

Quality Laundry Services are available in the university campus. The Laundry Services are provided through the best washing and drying machines using standard chemicals.

  • Generally steam press system is used.
  • Delivery/collection is generally done in a bag with proper identification number of the user at specified place in Residential Compound.
  • This facility may be availed on payment basis

Meal Plan

  • Meal Plan is permitted on annual/ semester basis (as opted) for students admitted for regular programmes for the duration of regular academic session.
  • Students have an option to avail Meal Plan from the University or may manage on their own. Meal Plan may be offered in 3 different categories - Standard Meal, Regional Meal and Continental Meal.
  • The details of fee for Meal plan for different Meal categories is as per the following table:

  • Academic Session/ One Semester Standard Meal Regional Meal (South Indian) Continental Meal
    Fee for full Academic Session 26000 26000 29500
    Fee for one semester 13500 13500 15500

  • Meal Plan will be provided till the end of the regular academic sessiobn (or semester as applicable) including regular exams or 10 months of academic session (or 5 months in case of Meal plan opted for semester) from start of session, whichever is earlier. Students may avail Meal Plan when they come and join two days prior to start of academic session and upto two days after regular exams. For availing Meal plan after the end of academic session for any purpose like summer school/ re-appear examination/ make up examination/ PEP/ EEP classes etc., additional proportionate Residential Fee (Meal) will have to be paid by the student, subject to the availability and permission of Meal plan.
  • The fee for Meal Plan is for academic session 2015-16 only and is subject to change for successive sessions.
  • Only specific meals (e.g. Breakfast and dinner only) may be offered in Continental Meal Category, if offered.
  • Regional and Continental Meal (if offered), may not be available in the same residential facility but may be at other place(s) within the University Campus.
  • Student may avail Meal Plan on semester basis or on annual basis. In case student opts it semester wise then he/she has an option to continue or discontinue option in next semester. But in case student opts Meal Plan for full academic session then he can't withdraw it after the semester. However for full academic session, the fee for Meal plan is lesser (i.e. 26000/- for Standard Meal, 26000/- for South Indian Meal 29500/- for Continental Meal respectively.


Apartments have 1/ 2/ 3/ 4 rooms with attached washroom in each room. The apartment has common kitchen/ kitchenette, dinning and lobby area. The following additional facilities are available in Apartments :

  • Air Conditioner in each room
  • Geyser in attached washroom in each room
  • Wooden Box Bed
  • Chair/ Table
  • Wooden Cupboards
  • Curtains
  • Mattress
  • Permission for using two electrical gadgets (maximum load up to 5 Ampere) per apartment.

Conditions of availing Residential Facility

  • In case a student has availed Residential facility for the full academic session and if due to any reason leaves/withdraws the residential facility during the academic session, the student shall have no claim for refund of fee and other charges already paid or otherwise, whatsoever against the university after the last date of refund as prescribed under the head ‘Refund Policy for Indian Applicants’ of Part-C. Fee and other charges, including amount paid for provisional registration, paid by the student shall stand forfeited and the student shall further be liable to pay the fee and other charges for remaining/ entire year.
  • In case a student has availed the residential facility for the whole academic session and later on seeks to move out of the university due to certain reasons like getting On-Job-Training / selected for Internship / study abroad programme / cultural or academic exchange programmes etc., then he/she will be required to vacate the allotted room/apartment immediately or within stipulated time period as decided by the University and will not be entitled for any refund of fee paid for residential facility. Provided further that if under special circumstances, such a student is allowed to stay in the residential facility, then he will be required to follow all the rules, regulations and guidelines for staying in residential facility including but not limited to check-in and check-out times, maintaining discipline, day-offs, leaves, last day of vacating the room etc.
  • The university can provide residential facility, at its own or through other arrangement, in or outside campus, as deemed fit.
  • The student will not be entitled to claim residential facility as a matter of right.
  • The student will vacate the residential facility in case of any requirement of the university for some specific period(s) for any reasons including accommodating guests, delegates, participants of any event, for maintenance work etc., as and when prescribed by the university.
  • The university reserves the right to get the residential facility evacuated at any time either partially or in full on account of any emergency or any unforeseen circumstances arising within or outside the university.
  • In case it is found at any time that a student is subject to be declared ineligible for appearing in any examination due to shortage of attendance in a particular term after due consideration of all the classes to be conducted for that term or in case detained at any time on account of disciplinary misconduct or any other reason whatsoever, the student will be liable to vacate the residential facility as and when directed by the university. Allotment of residential facility in the next term/semester shall be solely at the discretion of the university.
  • The university reserves the right to debar a student from applying for residential facility in case he/she has CGPA or attendance less than the prescribed limit as specified by the university from time to time. In addition to academic credentials, student may also be debarred from applying for residential facility, in case he/she has been considered for disciplinary action or case of indiscipline is pending against him/her.
  • The university reserves the right to hold inspection of the student’s rooms, bags, almirah or any of the student’s personal belongings at any time during day and/or night.
  • The university reserves the right to make changes in residential facility, room allotted and various provisions and facilities in the accommodation as deemed appropriate from time to time.
  • The entrance of outsiders in the residential accommodation will be restricted and entry and/or stay of parents/guardian and any other visitor(if authorised) will be subject to the permission of warden and other concerned authorities of the university; and if permitted, parents/guardians/visitor, while being on campus, will ensure that they behave decently and in orderly manner and any misbehaviour or unwarranted act on their part shall entitle the university to take any action against them and/or any disciplinary action against the student.
  • The student will take precautions against insect-bites, dog-bites, snake-bites, animal-bites, plant-bites and such other infections and diseases and the university shall not be liable for such infections and diseases. However, in case of falling sick or any sort of infections, diseases or personal injury or otherwise, the student shall inform the warden and his/her parents instantly; and shall be liable to pay/reimburse for any expenditure incurred by the university and/or warden on his/her treatment for any illness or disease or personal injury or otherwise.
  • The student will not make any unauthorised use of electricity for any electrical gadget including iron, heater, audio player, convector, or immersion rod.
  • The residential fee includes the charges for usage of electric units as prescribed by the university and in case the utilized units exceed the fixed units, the student will pay the charges for usage of units exceeding the fixed units.
  • The CFL once issued will not be replaced in case of damage due to default on part of the student and it will be the responsibility of the student to get it replaced at his own cost.
  • The student will not paste any poster or painting on the walls of rooms or at other places in and outside residential premises.
  • In case a student has booked a room having room pattern 4 seater/ 3 seater/ 2 seater etc. But later on due to de-allocation/shifting of his/her other roommates the occupancy of the room is less than as compared to the allocated room pattern then university has full rights to shift the student to other room having same room patten  for full occupancy. Shifting may or may not be in same block/ residential facility. If the student wants to retain the same allocated room then he/she will be liable to pay the excess room rent as per occupancy status of the particular room.
    Example: If a student initially opted for a 4 seater room and later on one of his roommate left the residential facility and now only 3 students are staying in a 4 Seater room, then
    • University may shift the students to other rooms so that the remaining 3 students are in a 4 Seater rooms only.
    • In case students are not interested to shift their room then each student may be charged fee of 3 Seater for the remaining period.
  • The hot water supply shall be available in winter only for fixed timings as prescribed by the university.
  • If the student is absent from the residential facility without permission or violates any guidelines or policy or instructions of the university, the university shall be entitled to take any disciplinary action against the student including rustication/expulsion cancellation/ withdrawal of residential facility.
  • The university reserves the right to withdraw or change any residential facility and/or to revise fee or any other charges prescribed for the purpose of availing any residential facility.
  • Students must put thick curtains on windows, ventilator, and doors facing towards balcony/ outside and they are strictly prohibited to paste any poster, newspaper etc. or such things which may damage the paint or colour of the wall, doors, cupboard, etc.
  • The student will be liable to pay for any damage caused to the residential accommodation either alone or jointly with others apart from facing any action(s) as decided by the university.
  • Warden or other competent authority of the university can check about the whereabouts and other details of a student as and when required.
  • Students shall themselves be responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms/apartments. However the washrooms and corridors will be cleaned by the housekeeping staff on periodical basis.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from conducting any religious indoctrination and observances including prayer at any place in the university. However a student might worship or pursue the prayer alone, silently in the room allotted to him/her for residential facilities, if any, in such a way that his/her activity does not disturb or distract the other occupants of that room or neighbouring rooms. Loud chants and usage of cymbals, trumpets, bells/ chimes or other musical/ sound producing instruments are prohibited to avoid disturbance/ noise pollution. Usage of dhoopbatti / agarbatti/ such as incense sticks or any burning material is prohibited even in the room allotted for residential facility due to safety reasons.
  • If a student does not report/join the university within one week after the scheduled start of session, the residential facility already allocated to him may be de-allocated. However, on late joining / reporting, if permitted as per the clauses mentioned above, the residential facility may be allotted again but the category of room (standard room/ luxury apartments, air cooler/ air conditioned) or pattern (dormitory, 4 seater, 3 seater, 2 seater, 1 seater) may not be the same as originally requested / opted at the time of admission. Such allotment will be subject to availability of accommodation and in case a student is not interested in availing the offered category of room (standard room/ luxury apartments, air cooler/ air conditioned) and pattern (dormitory, 4 seater, 3 seater, 2 seater, 1 seater) of residential facility, then the amount already deposited by him may be refunded/reimbursed subject to refund policy prescribed in Part C of Prospectus 2015 under the head 'Refund Policy for Indian Applicants' or in International booklet.