Parents Communications

The University has a strong communication channel. It keeps its stakeholders updated and well informed about various updates, events and happenings of the University through various communication modes as enlisted below:


The University can be contacted for various purposes through email.
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Telephonic Information

To provide information and handle various queries of parents, the University offers telephonic services.
Information and query of any kind can be sought through the telephone 91-1824-510311(during working hours). For different kinds of queries, there are different telephone lines.
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SMS Facility

The University offers a facility for the parents to know the up-to-date attendance, results and fees of their wards through SMS.
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The University puts forth an option for parents to drop in their queries and suggestions through letters at:
Division of Students Affairs,
Lovely Professional University,
Jalandhar- Delhi G.T. Road (NH-1), Phagwara,
Punjab (India) -144411


The website is an online platform that provides a one stop interface for all users to find information about the University. LPU has main LPU website and other micro websites for various departments. For any kind of required information a user can access the related website.
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University Management System (UMS)

University Management System is an online portal to provide vital information regarding academics and other University logistics for assisting the University students, their parents and the staff.

Relationship Management System (RMS)

The Relationship Management System (RMS) is an innovative measure of the University that provides a platform to register suggestions, complaints, requests, queries and feedbacks regarding any academic or administrative aspect of the University.
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Newspaper - Lovely World

Lovely World is a monthly newspaper of Lovely Professional University, ‘for the students and by the students’. The newspaper includes articles written by the students on current affairs, new technologies or gadgets, experiences, reviews or current stories.
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Press Release

The Media Office of the University sends Press Releases of various events and updates of the University to various Newspapers which in turn publish them in their newspapers. Also the news of the University is updated on the University website which provides updated information about the happenings and events of the University.
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