Information Related to Visa

  • International students who wish to study in India should obtain a Student Visa before travelling to India.
  • Once the student has been issued a confirmed admission letter to study at the University, he/she should immediately apply for Student Visa.
  • International students taking admission at Lovely Professional University should make sure that the Student Visa is endorsed to Lovely Professional University by the visa issuing authority.
  • A request for change of university or institution subsequently made cannot be considered. In this case you would be required to go back to your home country and apply for a new visa.
  • Also, if you have entered India on basis of documents provided by the University then it is your responsibility to ensure that you directly join and report to the University. The Visa endorsed on the name of the University or obtained on the basis of University documents cannot be used for any other purpose like employment , admission
    to any other university/college/institute/academy etc or for nonregular (distance/online) mode of education.
  • After reaching the university students have to get the visa verified by the University and have to deposit a copy of the valid visa
  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that throughout his/her study period student is on valid visa.
  • In case the initial visa is not endorsed for the complete duration of the programme or student has to extend the stay because he/she is not able to complete the programme in the stipulated time then the student should apply for the extension of the visa before visa expires.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that visa should be applied well in advance and time. It generally takes 3-8 weeks to get the Indian Visa thus it is advisable to apply for the visa accordingly and consult the Indian High Commission/Embassy if required.
  • Students joining the university after the prescribed time period may be denied admission.

The following questions will be helpful for getting exact answers for the pre-determined queries in your mind related to Indian Student Visa.

What is a Student Visa?
Depending on the purpose of visit, India offers various kinds of visas. Student Visa is a visa specifically for the students wanting to come to India for education purpose. Generally Student Visas are issued for the duration of the academic course of study or for a period of five years whichever is less, on the basis of letters of admission from Universities/recognized colleges or educational institutions in India. However it is the discretion of the Indian High Commission to decide the duration of the Student Visa. The children of NRIs and PIOs cardholders need not procure a Student Visa. Other international students need Student Visa or Research Visa for Doctoral level courses.

What are the pre-requisites for procuring a Student Visa?
To apply/ be eligible for a Student Visa, you need to conform to the following conditions:-

  • If you are on Government of India scholarships, the respective Indian Missions would be advised by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to issue a regular Student Visa after your admission in an Indian university/Institute is confirmed.
  • If you are coming as a self-financing student, you need to produce confirmed letters of admission from universities or recognized colleges and institutions in India for obtaining the regular Student Visa.
  • If you are coming as a research student, synopsis of the research project countersigned by the sponsoring institution in India along with letter of approval and No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned Ministries in India should be submitted for necessary visa.

Note: Processing of applications for research may take about three months

Can I get the visa even if I dont have a confirmed admission letter?

If you are not having confirmation letters of admission from a university or an institution you can get Provisional Student Visa by the Indian Missions abroad, on the basis of provisional letters of admissions. However Provisional Student Visa is valid for 3 months. Within these 3 months, your admission needs to be confirmed otherwise you will have to leave India.
No extension of Provisional Student Visa is permitted.

Can I change my University/ College after coming to India?
You need to mention the name of the Institute while applying for the visa, which is then mentioned on the visa. A request for change of university or institution subsequently made cannot be considered. In this case you would be required to go back to your home country and apply for a new visa.

Can I get my Tourist Visa converted to a Student Visa?
If you come to India on Tourist or any other type of Visa, you cannot get that Visa changed to Student Visa. According to the government regulations, if an international student coming to India on a Tourist or any other type of Visa (except a Student Visa ), obtains admission into a university or any institution in India, the student will be required to return to his/her home country and obtain a new visa (i.e. the Student Visa) from the Indian mission there.

Are there any rules and regulations that I need to conform to while applying for Student Visa?
Yes, while applying for the visa you need to keep in mind the following regulations:

  • Passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of intended departure from India should accompany the visa application.
  • Students holding other nationalities (other than the country where applying for visa), should submit proof of long-term (at least three years)/ permanent residence in the country (where applying).
  • For citizen of other countries, a reference has to be made to their country of residence for which an additional fee is applicable and will involve extra processing time. Please refrain from making inquiries about the status of application during this time.

From where can one avail a Student Visa?
Student Visas can be obtained from any of the Indian Missions. Click here to view the list of Indian Missions Abroad.

Can I get a Student Visa directly from Indian Missions abroad?
Yes, you can get a Student Visa from Indian Missions abroad, provided you have confirmed admission to a course in a reputed/recognized institute in India.

Where can I apply for the visa?
The visa can be applied for from any of the Indian Embassies / High Commission. Click here to view the list of Indian Embassies / High Commissions. 

How much is the Student Visa fees?
The Student Visa fees depends on the nationality of the passport holder and type/duration of visa applied. This fees are payable in the local currency as well. Please check with the Indian embassy in your country  for exact visa fees

What are the formalities that international students should do on arrival?
International students holding Student Visa of more than 180 days are required to register themselves with the local Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) within 14 days of arrival.

Is any approval/NOC required from any other Ministry or Department for technical courses?
So far as admission to diploma (O Level) /degree/post-graduate degree in Engineering and Technology, Architecture & Town Planning, Pharmacy, Applied Arts, MBA, MCA, Hotel Management & Catering Technology are concerned, there is no requirement of NOC from Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). However, with respect to courses in medical or para-military courses, NOC from M/o Health will be required.

What should I do for extension of my Student Visa?
Incase you want to get your Student Visa extended you should approach the local Foreigner Regional Registration Offices (FRROs)/ District Superintendents of Police(FROs)  with authentic certificate, proof of adequate financial standing etc. The Visa can be extended for a period of one year at a time up to the duration of the course or 5 years whichever is less for students pursuing full time and regular course in a reputated and recognized university or institution, subject to due sponsorship by the Institution and nothing adverse against the foreigner.

The following documents are required to be submitted at the time of Visa Extension:

  • Visa Extension form
  • 1 Recent passport size photographs
  • Bonafide certificate from College/University/Institute (In original)
  • Copy of passport/VISA/Registration Book
  • Proof of residence
  • Passport and Registration Book in original

LPU helps in extension of visa of the students who have already been studying in LPU Campus.

Can a registered student, who has completed his graduation, get visa extension for Post Graduate courses by FRRO/FRO?

  • Yes, a registered student, who has completed graduation, can apply for visa extension to pursue  a post graduate course from concerned FRRO/FRO cum Superintendent of Police provided he produces an authentic certificate from his/her institution.  The International office of LPU helps the students in the registration process

If a foreign student who has come on a student visa joins a new course will fresh visa fee be charged from him?
Yes, on permission of undertaking a new course, a fresh visa fee is charged.

Will visa fee be charged from foreign students every year?

  • Visa fee is charged once at the time of issuance of Student Visa for completion of the course or for 5 years whichever is less.
  • In case of ‘Provisional Student Visa’ when a student seeks regular admission in any college/university then onetime fee is charged which is valid for the duration of the course or for 5 years whichever is less.
  • If the visa is issued for a period less than the duration of the course, then the visa would be extended by the concerned authorities without charging any additional fees.

Can foreign students with Indian Student Visa visit the restricted/prohibited areas in India?
Yes, foreign students can visit the restricted and prohibited areas in India after getting a valid Resident Permit as visa alone is not sufficient to visit such places.

Can I pursue studies in M. Phil on student visa?
Yes, for pursuing M. Phil, a Student Visa is required.

Disclaimer: Information provided here is based on data/information available on various public domains. It is the student’s responsibility to comply with all Visa or all other formalaties as defined by government from time to time. Thus it is advised to visit Ministry of External Affairs website for the most updated information and towards any complications and hassels.