Reporting and Induction Schedule

Induction Schedule for Freshmen Induction 2018

To view the details of the Reporting schedule according to the your specific programme and registration number, please Click Here

This link also contains the following information:
  • Dates for reporting to the hostels
  • Start of induction activities
  • Dates when the classes will begin
  • Information about completion of admission formalities like student verification and collection of Student Identity Cards
On arriving at the university campus, students will receive a detailed schedule of all the Induction Activities. However, a rough schedule is available for download here.
Download Minute to Minute Induction Schedule

Instructions for Freshmen

  • Please make sure that you report on the date and time specified in the schedule
  • You must attend the first session as per the schedule alloted to you
  • Students are requested to kindly accompany their designated Induction Officer during the entire course of the event. Click here to view the Reporting Process.
Click here to view the Reporting Process