(For all Part Time Programmes except Ph.D. Course Work)
Commencement of classes for all Part Time programmes Sunday   Feb 06, 2022
Mid Term Test (MTT) Sunday &
 Apr 24, 2022 &
Apr 29-30, 2022
Resumption of classes after MTT Sunday May 01, 2022
Close of Session Sunday  Jul 03, 2022
End Term Examinations (ETE) Friday-Monday &
 Jul 08-11, 2022 &
Jul 16-17, 2022
*End Term Evaluation of Capstone, Dissertation, Projects and similar courses Monday  Jul 18, 2022
Publication of Result Saturday  Jul 23, 2022
Scrutiny of answer books Sunday  Jul 24, 2022
Commencement of classes of Term-I of Session 2022-23 Sunday  Jul 24, 2022
Availability of Online Grade Sheet Tuesday  Aug 02, 2022

Some important points:

  • The End Term Examinations of courses like Capstone, Dissertation, Projects and similar courses will be scheduled as per the Guidelines released for Capstone, Dissertation, Projects and similar courses issued from time to time by the University.
  • The dates mentioned in the calendar, especially with regard to end of Mid Term and End Term Examinations, are tentative and a variation may occur. Students are advised to plan for travel after looking at their respective date sheet for all components of Regular End Term Examinations i.e. Theory (ETE) / Lab or Practical (ETP) / Viva for Projects/ Dissertations etc. As per University policy the student will be required to vacate the residential room/ apartment within 2 days after the end of all components of Regular End Term Examinations. The last date for conducting End Term Examination (ETE) including Theory and Capstone Evaluation (wherever applicable) for all programmes by the University is upto Sunday, July 17, 2022. If a student’s all components of Regular End Term Examination end on Monday, July 11, 2022, then as per University Policy, the student will have to vacate the hostel by Wednesday, July 13, 2022 and not Monday, July 11, 2022.
  • Any examination may be held on any working day (i.e. other than Sunday).