For all Part Time Programmes except Ph.D. Course Work
AUTUMN TERM (Term I) 2019-20
Start of Session for Freshmen - Induction and start of classes Su, Jul 21, 2019
Commencement of classes for all continuing students Su, Jul 21, 2019
Last date of applying for reappear examination M, Aug 19, 2019
Mid Term Test (MTT) Su, Sep 29, 2019 & F-Sa, Oct 04-05, 2019
Resumption of Classes after MTT for all part time programmes Su, Oct 6, 2019
Completion of Advance Registration for Elective Courses (Dept Electives, Spl
Electives, OE & SE) for Spring Term (Term II) of Session 2019-20
Tu, Nov 05, 2019
Close of Autumn Term ( 2019-20) Su, Dec 22, 2019
End Term Evaluation of Dissertation and similar courses F, Jan 03, 2020
End Term Examination (ETE) along with Lab Examination (wherever applicable) for
all part time programmes
Sa-Tu, Jan 04-07, 2020
Commencement of Classes of Term II of Academic Session 2019-20 Su, Jan 12, 2020

Some important points:

  • The dates mentioned in the calendar, especially with regard to end of Mid Term and End Term Examinations, are tentative and a variation may occur. Students are advised to plan for travel keeping into consideration an extension of at least 3 days.
  • If a student is not present on the date of scrutiny he/she will lose the opportunity to look at his/her answer books, however such students can apply for revaluation.
  • There will be no scrutiny of reappear examination answer books; however such students can apply for re-evaluation.
  • Any examination may be held on any working day (i.e. other than Sunday).
  • Part Time students may be required to visit the University other than Sundays in order to apply for re-evaluation, re-appear exam, scrutiny, backlog registration, dissertation guidance etc. Whenever required, classes may be scheduled on days other than Sundays.
  • The schedule of Sports/ co-curricular/ cultural events will be notified separately by the concerned Division/ School.