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Application Process:

Step 1

Register yourself using your active email ID in the left form. After registration you will receive a username (which will be same as your Email ID) and a system generated password. Use this username / password to login to the admission portal using the login form.

Step 2

Fill the Application form using your basic details, contact details, qualifying exam details, programme you are interested, residential facility (optional) and submit the form.

Step 3

After successful submission of the application form you will be redirected to a new page where you should upload necessary transcripts and National Identity proof such as passport copy. In case your result is awaited at the time of filling this application form, you may upload the supporting document afterwards (as and when your result is declared). At this stage you have completely filled the application form.

Step 4

At this point your application is under process and within 3 working days you will get either one of the three from our side:

  1. An “Offer Letter” (OL) in case you have submitted the transcript of qualifying exam and you are eligible for admission then we will allow you to take provisional admission in the programme applied.
  2. A “Conditional Offer Letter” (OL) in case your result of qualifying exam is awaited, we will allow you to take provisional admission in the programme applied. Admission will only be confirmed after submission of final result.
  3. An email of regret and alternate programme option for you in case you are not eligible to take admission in the programme applied.

You can click on “My Application” button to see the progress of your application. In case an alternate programme is suggested to you then you may click on “Application Form” button and change the applied programme. Please note that an Offer Letter does not guarantee you an assured seat in the applied programme.

Step 5

In case an “Offer Letter” is issued to you, download through “Application Status” panel under the “Offer Letter” head. Ensure to read the Offer Letter thoroughly and in case of any ambiguity contact the email Id as mentioned in “Offer Letter”.

Step 6

Submit Provisional Registration Fee as mentioned in the “Offer Letter”, use the fee structure document to submit fee.

Step 7

Click on “Fee updation” button and submit the “Acceptance of Offer Letter” (AOL) by clicking on the check box “I agree to terms and conditions mentioned in the Offer letter (OL)”. Please read all the instructions, terms and conditions thoroughly before you submit it, by submitting “Acceptance of Offer Letter” it is indicated that you are agreed that you have read and accept all the instructions, terms and conditions mentioned in “Offer Letter’.

Step 8

After realization of paid fee and receiving of “Acceptance of Offer Letter”, an “Acceptance Letter” will be issued to you that can be downloaded from “Application Status” button.

Step 9

Download the “Acceptance Letter”, You can apply for student visa at the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate. You will find all the information related to your reporting at the LPU in the Acceptance Letter.

The term(s)/ expression(s) mentioned along with the nomenclature of the programme(s) indicates the specialization/ uniqueness (stream, major, scheme combination, progression option etc.) as the case may be.