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Training Consultant from USA headquartered ‘Dale Carnegie and Associates Inc.’ trained LPU Faculty Members

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11 Oct 2017

  • - Occasion was Faculty Development Programme on ‘High Impact Teaching Skills’
  • - Interactive Programme imparted training on both qualitative and result oriented teaching methodology
  • - Programme enabled participants to bring forth productive teaching for the general benefit of the society

    Jalandhar: Playing pivotal role forthe up-gradation of knowledge and skills of faculty and staff members, HumanResource Development Centre (HRDC) at Lovely Professional University (LPU) keeps on organizing development programmes, not onlyfor the betterment of available human resource but also to help the globalsociety at large. On these lines and recognizing the need of student-centredteaching in the era of digital transformation, LPU organized two-day facultydevelopment programme (FDP) on ‘High Impact Teaching Skills’. TrainingConsultant from the USA headquartered ‘Dale Carnegie and Associates, Inc.’, Dr.Vinita Yadav conducted the training programme. This incorporation has itspresence in 90 countries, trained 8+ million people worldwide in 25+ languages,with 400+ of the Fortune 500 companies as its clients.

    Enhancing methodological skills ofall participants, the entire programme was interactive in nature and wasdevised to impart training result oriented qualitative teaching. The programmewas spread over 8 sessions, where participants were mentored individually withrespect to their presentation skills. The output sessions were video recordedfor self-analysis and constructive feedback. There was a rich mix of individualand team activities making the training program interesting and interactive.The emphasis remained on planning presentation structure, effective opening,closing and attention catching presentation skills. Handling large audience,modulation of voice, pitch, speed and responding to difficult classroomsituations.    

    Sometimes back, Chairman AICTEProfessor Anil Sahasrabudhe had inaugurated LPU HumanResource Development Programs at LPUCampus with a desire that LPU and 19 moregovernment and private Universities of India ought to be among top 100Universities of the world. On these lines, HRDC at LPU keeps on organizing various workshops for enhancingresearch oriented teaching through guidance of acclaimed international andnational trainers.

    LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal views: “LPU is committed to provideworld-class faculty development programmes at its campus with larger aim ofenhancing quality of teaching. LPU would welcome the academic fraternity fromall across India to participate in such programmes to help realise LPU mission-‘Transforming Education, Transforming India’.” Mr Mittal also added: “I think that it is very important to developfull-fledged orientation programmes for old and newly recruited teachers alike,in all educational institutions.”

    Illustrative, following theguidelines of UGC, HRDC at LPU keep on organizingsuch programmes. All of the participants were appreciative of the gesture shownby the LPU in choice of the trainer, appropriate learning environment,infrastructure, study material and content delivery.