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Third Day of Theatre Festival at LPU depicts human frailties obsession with materialistic possessions

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27 Aug 2016

At Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium in LPU campus, the Abhinaya RangManch, Hisar staged a Hindi play ‘Patloon’ before a large audience on day third of the ongoing theatre festival. Written and directed by a renowned theatre artist Manish Joshi Bismil, the play highlights the unfulfilled desires of a person and how he struggles to reach the motive to satiate his unusual desires. The play with highly sensitive portrayal of the plight of the cobbler proves beyond doubt that the human mind is obsessive by nature. Bohemians Theatre Pupils Association is also coordinating in the festival.

The play begins with introducing ‘Bhagwan’, the protagonist of the play. Bhagwan is a bonded labour but somehow he escapes and reaches a city where he decides to earn on his own. In the city, he becomes a shoe-shine. While polishing the shoes, he used to stain the pants of his customers with the boot polish. His angered customers used to curse him.  They shouted at Bhagwan and told him that a pant means a lot for a person as it is a ‘status symbol’ and is a possession of which the owner is proud of. Listening to this, Bhagwan decides that he will also buy a pant. He finds out that a pair of pants costs Rs 1500 and he begins to save for it. He is able to save Rs 500 but a tricky magician befools him and takes away his savings. Even at this Bhagwan does not lose hope but works harder to be able to get himself a pairs of pants. After many comic and heart touching episodes, Bhagwan is able to buy a pair of pants.

But, unfortunately he is unable to wear it as it is a ladies’ pant. Realizing this he gives the pant to a tailor but has nightmares about taking it back from him. In the concluding scene, Bhagwan is dying and his last wish is to wear the pant. Even at this time, he is unable to fulfill his desire, as the pant does not fit and Bhagwan dies with an unfulfilled desire. The elements of magic and stage innovations make the play enjoyable. The audience appreciated the play as they were left enthralled with the performance.
The play emphasizes on the desires of a human for non-living objects like expensive home, mobile phones, camera and other gadgets, but there are no desires left for a living relationship. The play consists of magical illusions, puppetry, kathak and a team of trained actors like Ram Narayan, Rakhi Joshi, Bhavnesh, Sanjeev Sharma formed the cast augmented the play.  

On August 29, Vihan Drama, Bhopal will present ‘Amrita’ directed by Sudeep Sohni. The play is based on the well known poetess Amrita Pritam's autobiographical book 'Rasidi Ticket'. 'Amrita' is not only a journey of Amrita, Imroz and Sahir, but also ours.