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LPU Pharmacy student presented research paper at International Conference in Canada

Release Date:
11 Jul 2014

  • Topic of presentation was “Exaggerated Expiry Dates of Pharmaceuticals Enhancing Economic Burden on Health care system of a country”

An M Pharmacy student of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Lovely Professional University, Nitika Kaushal presented a research poster in Montreal, Canada, at 19th annual International meeting of International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Research (ISPOR). Nitika was specially invited by ISPOR to elaborate her research on “Exaggerated Expiration Dates of Pharmaceuticals Enhancing Economic Burden on Health care system of a country”. This research focuses on the unnecessary discarding of the drugs which usually remain safe and useful. Nitika proved that a large number of completely potent drugs are discarded because of the early expiry dates on the labels, thus incurring huge wastage of national resources. Nitika’s research was highly appreciated by the experts who are working in the area of health care economics. In fact, ISPOR invites experts from different countries during their annual meeting to explore their ideas for the global health care of community.

On asking why the reincarnation of an expired drug is required, Nitika explained: “Medicines are usually found with full potency even after 5 years or more of their expiry dates. However, approximately 7 tons of medicines are torched/ discarded every year. Relevant studies tell that many billions of rupees can be saved every year by reincarnation of such expired medicines. So it is not justified to dump the expired medicines which are still potent and safe, particularly for much populated and underdeveloped Asian countries. Moreover this all needs simple fulfillment of regulatory requirements.” She also added that this revival of so called expired medicines will not only scale down the requirement of fresh batches of costly drugs but also benefit the needy society.

With this research, LPU School of Pharmaceutical Sciences intends to bring awareness about such medicines to help patients. Such an initiative was also started In the USA in 1986 to test discarded drugs for their efficacy and safety. The financial benefits were calculated and depending on the data, re-labelling of the medicines was ordered. Presentation by Nitika at the international forum is the first step of LPU School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in this direction.

Congratulating the young researcher of the university, LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal said that such research works are direly needed as these help society in large: “ Our School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is coming out with many innovative researches for the general benefit of humanity. This research work of Nitika will certainly lessen the burden of costly medicines for much populated country like ours. Prior to this a medicine out of research work of the school to lessen the side effects during colon cancer treatment has already been patented. Another pharmacologist of the school has extracted medicine out of weeds to cure brain diseases.”