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LPU Law School ranked among top-ten ‘Most Promising Institutions of India’

Release Date:
19 Jul 2017

Prestigious Higher Education Review has ranked LPU LawSchool for its capability of producing next-gen legal professionals

Jalandhar:One of thetop education and career guidance magazine ‘Higher Education Review’ hasrecognized Law School at Lovely Professional University among top-ten mostpromising institutions of India for its capability of producing next-gen legalprofessionals. The magazine has come forward with this coveted ranking in itslatest July 2017 publication termed as, Law Colleges Special’ issue. This issueguides law aspiring students to get into top law school of the country, as suchrankings drive out competitive dynamics which are sure to help students inopting law institution of their dreams.

In fact, law education at LPU leads students tore-tool themselves to get things done in an increasingly complex world. Itscurriculum stands benchmarked against global law schools, with a focus onindustry exposure and practical learning. Here, legal-learning comes from openhouse discussion; moot courts; regular instructions with eminent jurists; fieldvisits to courts, NGOs, legal cells and allied institutions.

The Editor in Chief of the magazine, Mr Sarath Shyamholds: “Over the past few years, almost everything about the legal professionhas changed. The need of the hour is a transformation in the process ofeducating young lawyers as per the modern demands of the legal sector. Forthis, our expert panel consisting of top HR managers and educationalists hasidentified 'Most Promising Law Colleges in India.' The top institutes have beenselected based on how well these prepare students for industry, educationalcollaborations, placements, research and the quality of performance theydeliver. As such, we have made a better understanding of the best institutionsthat have been providing outstanding services to the larger community of laweducation aspirants in India. These are the institutions with capability of producingnext-gen legal professionals.”

Congratulating all at the helm of law studies’affairs at the law school, Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal shares: “It is indeed amatter of pride for all of us at the university that law school of LPU has beendeclared as one of the top in India. I want to share that aiming to transformlaw studies as per the global-standard; our law school is an institution wherestudying by books is not a rule of Law. It capitalizes on the industry &academic experience of its faculty to prepare students to work effectively inmodern complex and challenging legal environment. Devoted faculty-membersrecognize the latent power of each individual and hones students to thefullest. Here, analyzing, comparing and critically evaluating and drawingconclusions about arguments are fundamentals for the study and practice of law.So, law students are prepared to spot legal issues from a set of hypotheticalfacts and discuss the various legal consequences, to further be a perfect legalprofessional.”

Illustrative, with the pace of time, career optionsin Law have also increased. From the traditional practicing advocate in courtnow there are various scopes in legal field. This includes corporatecounsellors with increasing number of corporate firms; civil and judicialservices for those who want to serve the country; paralegal services; legalanalyst; document drafting lawyer; and many more.