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LPU Architecture Students won UK based Global Design Competition

Release Date:
9 Oct 2017

· Studentshave beaten China, Russia, Italy, Poland, Vietnam, Romania, Netherlands,Argentina, Norway, Philippines and more

· More than2000 architects and students from across world had participated in the globaldesign competition ‘House in Forest 2017’, organized by UK based world’s mostvisited website ‘Arch-Daily’

· After LPUstudents, Hung Nguyen Architects of Hanoi (Vietnam) won the second prize fortheir design ‘Mangrove Housing: New Barriers’ and Southwest Jiaotong University(Chengdu), China, won third prize for designing ‘Heart of Mangrove Forest’

Jalandhar: Architecturaldesigns which stand out in worshiping of nature in all of its aspects are theinnovative creation of the architecture students of Lovely Professional University.Planned in the context of Andaman and Nicobar islands, their one of thenature-friendly designs has recently been placed a top all other internationalsubmissions from across the world. LPU Architecture & Design studentsDivyansh Gupta, Shreyansh Jain, Hitesh Luthra, and Abhishek Tripathi haveemerged as world-winners by presenting incredible ideas of architectural &landscape design and site-planning. These four promising architects at LPU hadcompeted for the United Kingdom based global design competition- ‘House inForest 2017’, which was organized by world’s most visited architecture orientedwebsite ‘Arch-Daily’. In this competition, LPU students beat all othercompeting universities and architectural organizations of China, Russia, Italy,Poland, Vietnam, Romania, Netherlands, Argentina, Norway, Philippines and more.More than 2000 architectural persons had participated in this competition.

The aim of the competition was topromote ideas of protecting the forest and its environment. It also encouragedthe creation of new living style for houses, pavilions, structures, orlandscape. LPU students’ design artistry ‘the Harmonious Niche’ won First Prizeof $500 and Winners’ Certificate. Hung Nguyen Architects of Hanoi (Vietnam) wonthe second prize for their design ‘Mangrove Housing: New Barriers’ and SouthwestJiaotong University (Chengdu) and China, won third prize for designing ‘Heartof Mangrove Forest’.

Explaining all about the winningdesign, 7th Semester of LPU architecture students Shreyansh ofUjjain (Madhya Pradesh) & Divyansh of Ludhiana (Punjab) inform: “Our design‘Harmonious Niche’ is wholly influenced from nature and is designed for nature.Keeping in mind the visibility of all three aspects of nature-air, water andland from the building, the design is in harmony with the context of Andamanand Nicobar Islands. This design has the form of a ‘bud’ for an originatingflower.”

Technologically illustrating,Hitesh and Abhishek, who hail from Saharanpur & Shahjahan Pur (UttarPradesh), share: “This 18-meter tall & 5-storey design is to provide bettervision of surroundings, to catch more of natural light and to allow heatpenetration also through glass façade. There is continuous wooden spiralstaircase from bottom to top; usage of sound absorbing local material bamboo;floor created underwater to get the enchanting views of aquatic life; and,above all, the different portions of the building are to provide mesmerizing360 degree view of the whole Andaman Nicobar Islands.”

Congratulating the winnerstudents, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal shares: “We are glad to note that ourstudents participated, and as young designers they presented their design to benoticed, discussed and awarded by a wider audience. In addition, we are notonly proud of our hard-working creative students but also appreciative of thetop mentoring quality of their teachers, who keep on inspiring students toreach global daises to prove their inner ability. This is the supreme exampleof winning where LPU students, under the more than one-month continuousguidance of their teachers, proved their worth to win the world. In fact, alldepartments at LPU keep on finding better and innovative opportunities for thestudents so that they learn the things practically, basically andtheoretically, in unison, to be always original, exemplary and aloof.”