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LPU Alumnus clinched 66th Rank in Civil Services Exams

Release Date:
5 Jun 2017

Securing good rank in UPSC conducted All IndiaCivil Service Exams, he is to be included among Indian bureaucrats
  • B. Arch Alumnus Sagar Setia brings glory to LPU
  • Making the region proud, Sagar also stands top in his native district Ludhiana

  • Jalandhar: Union Public Service Commission recently declared India’s biggest Civil Services Exam result, where Lovely Professional University alumnus Sagar Setia secures 66th AIR (All India Rank), out of a total of 1099 candidates recommended for the prestigious bureaucratic and allied appointments with Indian Government. A graduate from LPU School of Architecture and Design, in 2012, for his B Arch degree; Sagar Setia brings glory to LPU, makes the region proud, and also stands top in his native district Ludhiana. Illustrative, Sagar is included in top 66 candidates out of 500 general category successful candidates. In addition, there are 220 other trailing candidates in the waiting list. Son of a Vastu consultant and a retired private school teacher, Sagar has cleared the toughest exam with continuous hard efforts. He attributes his success to his teachers, family-members and university friends. Aspiring to become an IAS officer, Sagar aims to utilize his knowledge for serving people.

Sharing Sagar says: “My success mantra has beenpersistence. I have been preparing for the exam since 2014 and devoted morethan 10 hours a day. During my studies, I realized that the decision-makingrests in the hands of bureaucrats and I got a lot of convincement from myteachers to pursue civil services examinations.” LPU environment of hugediversity also helped Sagar a lot as his optional subject for the IAS exam wasanthropology-the science ofhumanity which studies humankind from a comparative perspective that emphasizesthe diversity of human behavior and the importance of culture in explainingthat diversity.

Sagar also added: “I always wanted to be an IASofficer. Like other successful candidates, I too made small sacrifices by beingaway from social media and spending many sleepless nights to prepare for thetoughest examination in India.”Advising his juniors at LPU and other IASaspirants, Sagar inspires them to remain comprehensive in their approach ofattempting the UPSC paper and speaking in the interview. He also advised themto have a strong database of knowledge and follow what the syllabus is allabout. 

Congratulating Sagar who is going to prove himselfas an illustrious IAS Officer, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal wishes him bestof luck for his future assignments and expressed: “It is a matter of greatpride for the whole LPU family as Sagar Setia has not only brought glory tohimself but also to his parents, alma-mater and teachers. While congratulatinghim on his glorious success, I also want to advise him that with successes moreresponsibilities and expectations are laden upon us. I want to remind you thatas learnt at LPU, choose a different way as per the needs of the society andprove your worth in solving the problems against posing challenges. I also wantto advise all other students at LPU that success comes only to those, who chasetheir goal with passion and commitment like Sagar Setia.”

LPU School of Architecture and Design takes extreme pride in congratulatingthe hard-working alumnus on scaling new heights. It is really a time for theschool and its faculty members to feel proud as they nurtured quality studentslike Sagar. LPU faculty members recall him as a very hard working student whoalways remained on the alert about his bright career. One of his teachers atLPU, Dean LSAD, Narinderjit Kaur recalls him as a sincere and hard-workingstudent who used to devote extra time even after university hours to achieveexcellence at whatever project he worked upon.