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Delegates from Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) Sri Lanka reached LPU

Release Date:
5 Jun 2014

 An eight- member delegation team from North Central Province of Sri Lanka has reached Lovely Professional University. Taking the new international leap, LPU is providing a two-week workshop for the visiting delegates from the Department of Provincial Education under MOHE, Sri Lanka. The delegation headed by Dr DK Lakshman, Deputy Director of Education, is at LPU to understand Indian education system, and what could be learnt more from the universities in India.

Dr Lakshman informed: “Though Sri Lanka is very close neighbouring country of India, yet the interactive and understanding level about Indian education and educational system is low. This particular tour to LPU is planned to enhance education understanding and to learn the best practices being followed by Indian Universities. This new learning would be further adopted in universities and schools of Sri Lanka.”

Delegation under MOHE includes zonal education officers, principals of schools, career guidance officers, and teacher center managers from North Central Province of Sri Lanka. For the delegates special workshops and classes are being provided on curriculum development, evaluation system, use of ICT in higher school education and more. Visitors have also interacted with Sri Lankan students already studying at LPU and learnt about students’ experience so far they had.

Welcoming the delegates, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal said: “India and Sri Lanka share a lot in common and have bonds for thousand years back. We are happy to have first delegation from Sri Lanka to make these bonds stronger. More such workshops will be conducted at LPU for Sri Lankan teachers in future too.”