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Bollywood Singer Music Director Ankit Tiwari enthralled LPU Students

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18 Sep 2017

·Film-FareAwardee Tiwari performed for his melodious numbers “ Sun Raha Hae Tu, GallianTeri Gallian, Tu hae ki nahin” and more

·LPUstudents of Film Production and Journalism got important bollywood entry tipsfrom him

Jalandhar: Famous bollywood playback singer and music director Ankit Tiwari reachedLovely Professional University today and enthralled thousands of the studentsthrough his brilliant performances. Film-fare award winner Ankit let studentsand members of the staff enjoy his favourite songs Sun Raha Hae Tu, GallianTeri Gallian, Tu hae ki nahin” and more. On this occasion, LPU students of FilmProduction and Journalism got important bollywood entry tips from him. Studentsenjoyed on his rhythms and tunes and kept dancing and yelling throughout hisprogramme at LPU Stage.

Interactingwith LPU students, Ankit Tiwari told: “If I get perfect opportunity, I willwork for music of different geners. However, I do not want that my songs andmusic is vulgar in any way.” He also informed students how in different songshe has used the changed forms of Guitar, Sitar, drums, santoor, flute and more.He als shared that his such changed versions were beautifully appreciated bythe persons in the music industry.

In amessage to students, he informed that each and every work needs hard-work forsuccess the thing needed for this is devotion and passion. Success neverfollows soon; however, in order to gain it we should not get astray. World isfull of good persons also and adopting a positive attitude we should act inaccordance to the suggestions of the people around us. He also shared how heimpressed upon famous bolywood producer and director Mahesh Bhatt and Mohit Surithrough his composition “ Sun Raha Hae Tu”