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20 Ambassadors Diplomats from 11 Nations witnessed annual International Fest ‘One World’at LPU

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22 Nov 2017

  • Students of 50+ countries studying at LPU showcased their culture
  • Colourful Cultural Procession, International Dances, Expo stalls, Musical Performances made students imbibe global viewpoint for diverse festivities to the core

Jalandhar: Offering a vast-collective platform to international students from 50+ countries to represent heritage and celebrations of their respective country, Lovely Professional University organizes its annual international fest “One World”. This year the 8th edition of the two-day fest is on the theme of "International Festivals & Cultural Celebrations".   Ambassador, Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to India, His Excellency Mr. Shaida Mohd Abdali; Ambassador, Embassy of Gabon in India, His Excellency Mr. Désiré Koumba; Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of the Gambia to India, Her Excellency Ms. Jainaba Jagne; Minister, High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to India, Mr. Alatise Ismail Ayobami; High Commissioner of Republic of Ghana to India, His Excellency Mr. Michael Aaron Yaw Nii Nortey; and, Chargé d’Affaires, Embassy of Uganda to India, Ms. Margaret Kedisi inaugurated the international cultural extravaganza at the campus. First Secretaries, Counsellors, Cultural Attaches, Aides from these and other countries including Yemen, Iran, Somalia, Maldives and more also accompanied them.

Upholding the great notion that festivals promote diversity, increase creativity, and make the world a better place to live in; the fest was flagged off for two kilo-meter long colourful cultural procession which comprised 50+ international tableaus. Showcasing cultural inheritance of their respective country, international students kept on dancing and singing all the way. Celebrating the theme of the year, students were holding placards with slogans related to various festivities with respect to their countries. International students were seen with dresses, ornaments and other attributes of their respective country.  Continuing years of celebrations at 4 venues of the campus through 40 exhibition stalls, 2000+ international students mesmerized 50000+ campus audiences. Maintaining global unity, Indian students, too, participated along with their International counterparts in mammoth celebrations.

Welcoming the elite guests and congratulating all participants at the fest, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal informed that international students at LPU are always inspired every year to celebrate this annual mega-fest by showcasing and sharing their cultures and values with students of other countries. As such this celebration, under separate theme every year, helps students in strengthening bonds of unity in diversity, making global understanding, attaining universal brotherhood for a perfect and peaceful co-existence in the world.

Students also showcased myths, folk-lore, tribal-tales, urban development, music, dance-forms, literature, chivalry, currencies, attires, languages and other achievements. Thousands of on-looking students witnessed and enjoyed the spirit of ‘One World’.  Participating 50+ countries included students from China, Bhutan, Cameroon, Gambia, Yemen, Mali, Maldives, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Thailand and more. LPU Schools of Business, Agriculture, Computer Science & Engineering, Law, Polytechnic, Computer Applications, Mechanical Engineering, Physiotherapy & Paramedical Sciences and Directorate of Distance Education represented heritage of countries Zambia & Ghana, Mauritius & Bhutan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka, Yemen and Lesotho Kingdom respectively.

One of the on-looking B Pharma (Ayurveda) students from Mauritius, Arvin Singh Sahadey shared: “I have come to understand the ethnicity of Ivory Coast through its ceremonies and ritual celebrations. Most of these are animated by dances to the beat of drums, flutes and pumpkins used as instruments, especially for ‘Goli Mask Dance’, where human face masks and disc-faced masks are used. The females of this country start to dance and sing and welcome the masks as beloved personages. Calling them they fan masked personages with scarves and dance behind them to make them out of danger. They are believed to connect people with supernatural powers and gods, which may have a good influence on their lives.”

Similarly, Morija Arts and cultural activities of Lesotho Kingdom educated students about promoting tourism and small-scale manufacturing; Sri-Lanka students exhibited festival of gratitude to Sun ‘Thai Pongal’, festival of lights-Vesak Poya, and Buddhist festival of dances and richly decorated elephants-Esala Perahera. Participating international students admitted unanimously, “Here at LPU, we are very happy to represent our respective country. We are happy to see that students of other countries enjoy our culture with a great feeling of oneness. In fact, the event ‘One World’   makes us more practical with an elaborated insight into how world can be one leaving aside all intrigues & self-interests. We have also come to understand that the unity among human beings lies in their diversity. We are happy to see that LPU designs this fest so that students with distinctive cultural backgrounds live peacefully, work together to be globally fit citizens and make joy exist all around the world.”