Upload a video of your inspiring teacher and win Prize of Rs.1 lakh for your Coaching Centre, award of Rs. 25000 for your Teacher, and
Rs. 10000 for yourself!
Upload a video of your inspiring teacher and win Prize of Rs.1 lakh for your Coaching Centre, award of Rs. 25000 for your Teacher, and Rs. 10000 for yourself!


Transforming Education Awards

The coaching centres, in conjunction with its teachers, make both unique and profound impacts on the lives of students they coach, many of whom are launched into successful careers of vast potential futures. To acknowledge the dedicated efforts of such coaching centres and their teachers, Lovely Professional University has launched, "Transforming Education Awards" where the students can give credit to their coaching centres and teachers and bring them into limelight. Views of students, followed by online voting and evaluation by a panel of experts will enable the coaching centres to earn credits. Apart from Certificate of Recognition, LPU will honour top 50 coaching centres with awards, the teachers and students with cash prizes and other incentives worth Rs. 1 Crore.

Award Ceremony

Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Former President of India, conferred LPU’s Transforming Education Awards

Lovely Professional University awarded Rs.1 Crore in the form of teaching grants to schools, coaching centres, and appreciation awards to teachers, mentors and students under its initiative Transforming Education Awards. The response to this initiative was overwhelming; 13 schools got teaching grant worth Rs. 1 Lac each, their teachers got Rs. 25000, and students got Rs. 10000. In addition, 76 videos won teaching grant of Rs. 25000 for school, Rs. 10000 for nominated teacher, and Rs. 2000 for the student. In the Coaching Institute Category, 29 videos won Rs. 25000 as teaching grant for institute, Rs. 10000 for nominated teachers, and Rs. 2000 for the student. These awards were given away by Sh. Pranab Mukherjee, Former President of India, in a special award ceremony held at his residence in New Delhi. Congratulating the winners, Sh. Mukherjee appreciated this novel initiative of LPU.


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How it Works

Three Simple Steps
Upload Video
Students/Alumni of the Coaching Centre can upload the video.
Voting Begins
The students, parents, staff, alumni and others can vote for all the shortlisted videos.
Win Awards
The Result will be Compiled on the basis of votes and marks by panel review.


Keep yourself updated with the progress of your favorites
Nomination Receiving
Upto 20th Nov
Upto 25th Nov
Upto 27th Nov
Self-appraisal Submission
Upto 30th Nov
Final Selection
Upto 5th Dec

Prizes for National Winners

Top 50 Coaching Centres with their teachers & students will be awarded
₹ 16 lacs
For 50 Coaching Centres
Prize of Rs. 1 lakh to top 5 Coaching Centres and Rs. 25000 to next 45 Coaching Centres
*Plus Rs 40 lacs to top 100 Schools
₹ 5 lacs
For 50 Teachers
Cash prize of Rs. 25000 to Top 5 Teachers and Rs. 10000 each to next 45 teachers
*Plus Rs 13 lacs to top 100 School teachers
₹ 2 lacs
For 50 Students
Cash prize of Rs. 10000 to 5 students and Rs 2000 each to next 45 students.
*Plus Rs 3.6 lacs to top 100 School Students
Certificate of Recognition will be given to Most Popular Teacher of Every Coaching Centre on the basis of voting
5 lucky winners every week (from voters) will get Attractive Prizes
Who should I nominate ?
Still doubtfull..
Call 1800 102 4431
Last date of nominations was 20th Nov 2017. For any query, you may contact us on 18001024431

Members of the Jury

As members of the jury, we are entrusted with the responsibility of selecting the best