The university has opened up a cosmopolitan style, multi-storeyed, air-conditioned Student Centre known as Uni-Mall on its Campus. The Student Centre (Uni-Mall) is an innovative step of the university to nurture the entrepreneurial talents of its budding professionals. The Uni-Mall has some shops run and managed by students. The university tries to provide its students with all the resources required for setting up of ventures. Also offices are provided to students. This provides LPU student a chance for skill based learning vis-à-vis providing them an opportunity to check their risk appetite and abilities which they can utilize in their professional careers.

The Only University to have Shopping Mall cum Incubation

  • Centre on Campus WannaBuy, the Academic Resource Centre at the campus, developed as cosmopolitan styled, multi-storeyed, air-conditioned mall, designed to give opportunity to students to develop business ideas as well.

The Student Centre, (Uni-Mall), has a network of Banks, Food Courts, Branded Shops in Books and Stationary items, Apparels, Lifestyle Accessories, Electronic Gadgets(mobiles, computers, laptop, etc.), Opticals, Photo Studio, Sports Goods, Music and Entertainment, Beauty Parlour, Saloon, Gifts, Boutique and other related service areas.

In this way, apart from being an avenue for shopping, the Student Centre(Uni-Mall) acts as a training ground as well as a mini retail incubator where students can get live, hands on experience in business and earn for the time they are here to learn.